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Graphics Image Types and Properties

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Basic Types Vector Graphics Raster Graphics

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Mathematically defined objects. Only the code that describes them is saved… eg: rect 0,0,200,100,blue. Because of this a very small file size is generated independent of the size of the image on screen. Moreover image quality is not lost when a vector image is resized. Vector images are made up of separate shapes which can be separated anytime. Vector Graphics

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(bitmap) Comprised of individual picture elements (pixels). The drawing cannot be separated as different shapes. Each pixel in the drawing requires its own space in the computer memory. As pixels are physical entities, each takes up some of the computer resources… Because of this a raster image takes up more memory to store. Quality is lost when such images are resized. Raster Graphics

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Monocrome image: each pixel is either black or white. Colour image: depends on the colour depth available…from 8 bit (each pixel can be one of 256 colours) to 24 bit (one of 16.7 million colours). CLUT (colour look-up tables) are stored with bitmaps. In such tables the information about each pixel is stored. Raster Graphics Colour Capability

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Warning: Quality is lost! Raster Graphics Enlargement Capability

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Good News: Quality kept intact! Vector Graphics Enlargement Capability

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All web graphics excluding Flash delivery & those graphics that have a specific effect. Raster Graphics Are used for…

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Flash based graphics aimed at internet delivery. Web based graphics that require certain effects. Vector Graphics Are used for…

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Draw programs create Vector based images (e.g. Macromedia Freehand, Corel Draw and the drawing tools in MS Word, MS Publisher and PowerPoint). Vector Graphics

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Paint programs create raster (bitmap) based images (e.g. Paintshop Pro, MS Paint and Adobe Photoshop). Raster Graphics

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EPS Bitmap vector Encapsulated Postscript JPG bitmap Joint Photographic Experts Group GIF bitmap Graphics Interchange Format WMF vector Windows Metafile PNG bitmap Portable (public) Network Graphic TIF bitmap Tagged Image File Format 5.0 PCX bitmap PC Paintbrush BMP bitmap Windows Bitmaps Extension Type Format Format

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Support 24bit colour (true colour ). Are usually small files due to compression. Ideal for photographs whether scanned or taken by a digital camera. Also used in websites especially in photo galleries etc. JPG or JPEG Properties

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Properties Support 8bit colour (256 colours) Are usually small files due to the small number of colours supported. Support transparency. Support animation. Ideal for clipart and cartoons and for the internet. Not suitable for photographs or where graded colour is used. Gif

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PNG Properties Support 48bit colour Lossless. Support transparency . A useful alternative to both gif and jpg formats!

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