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Playtipus is one of the best source to download kids game apps online. We provide best educational, music, games, creative, stories and videos apps. Choose from our collection now!


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Welcome to Playtipus Your 1 Online Destination for Buying and Submitting Childrens Apps

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Introduction  Playtipus is one of the best destinations for buying or submitting kids app and childrens software.  Discover over 40 fantastic Kids Apps that teach your children their essential skills and keeps your kids occupied and entertained all while helping them learn more quickly

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App Catagories Playtipus provides many distinct apps to choose from distinct catagories. These Catagories are:  Videos  Creative  Games  Educational  Stories  Music You can choose your favorite app from these catagories.

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Children’s Video Apps  Discover Childrens Video Apps and more Childrens Apps for a fun learning experience today  There are over 40 Childrens Apps to entertain teach your kids.  Childrens Video Apps supplied by Playtipus have opened up new ways of learning for kids of all ages across the world.  These Childrens Video Apps are designed to teach children everything they need to know to grow and develop throughout their childhood.

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Childrens Creative Software  Discover Childrens Creative Software Games and more Childrens Software for a fun learning experience.  Playtipus supplies the most interactive childrens creative software games.  Playtipus provides apps submitted by top-notch software developers.

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Kids Software Games  Get amazing kids software games for your child.  Children all ages can use our kids software and apps.  Kids software games supplied by Playtipus have strengthened and grown the learning abilities of children.  The kids software games are what develop the smartest kids today. We invite you to discover our collection of kids software today

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Kids Educational Apps  Get amazing kids educational apps for your child.  With an abundance of 40 premium kids apps available to entertain teach your kids your children will grow to be a part of the new age  Kids of every age can use our proven kids educational apps and software.

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 Find kids story software and many other amazing childrens apps for an exciting fun learning experience.  Playtipus provides the top childrens story apps available today.  We believe in sparking curiosity and empowering the imagination with engaging activities bringing the magical universe to life at kid’s fingertips. Kids Story Apps

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 Playtipus is the webs best source for your kids music apps  As a pioneer in supplying kids music apps Playtipus has delivered a group of children and parents like no other.  Kids of all age groups can use our proven childrens music apps and software.  We provide childrens music apps because we think that every child’s first experience with music should be creative fun and exciting. Kids Music Apps 

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