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As parents, we want the overall development of our kids. We want them to enjoy their growing journey as well as learn new things about the surrounding world. Leapfrog products are one of the most favourites of the parents when it comes to making their little ones learn while having fun. Leapfrog is an educational entertainment company. It designs, develops, and markets technology-based learning products. It also develops and markets related content for the education of children from infancy through grades school. In this documentary content, you will get to know more about Leapfrog products. https://www.funcorp.in/


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Leapfrog scoop and learn ice cream cart: With the ice cream cart learning becomes a sweet journey.Let the little onescreate avariety of imaginative and tasty-looking ice cream combinations. You can use four flavours of ice cream three toppings and three syrup flavours. Use the magic scooper to scoop up the ice creams and toppings and make your customers happy. The game will help the little ones to recognize the flavours and colours. You can also add pretend syrup by pressing the pump while counting to ten. This also helps thekids todevelopmemoryand sequencingskills.

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Leapfrog shapes and sharing picnic basket: This basket has over 30 audio responses which help to create unique and different pretend to play opportunities. The kids can have a fun time and keep themselves engaged in sorting matching stacking and filling of the basket unit in lots of different ways. The vibrant colours and shapes fascinate the kids. With this basket kids get a deep exploration of different shapes and colours.

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Leapfrog leaping letters: Now learning is a blast experience with leaping letters. The set offers the kids plenty of ways to play for fast-action alphabet learning fun. The real excitement begins when kids race against the clock to put the entire letter pieces in their spots. If time runs out all the letters will go pop. With an adjustable timer you can put alphabet skills to the test that allows all ages to get in on the fun. Leaping letters provides everything that they need to explore and alsohelpsthem tobuildtheirfinemotorskills.

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Leapfrog Spin and Sing Alphabet Zoo: This interesting game introduces you with letters A- Z. Little ones will also come to know about animal names and sounds. The product features three ways to play: letter animals and music learning modes. Kids can learn about different things with each spin of the wheel. The best way to develop your motor skills is to spinpush and slide These are some of the learning leapfrog products for the kids.

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