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COMPANY PROFILE Canadian mining exploration company focused on its highly prospective gold property in the Shining Tree Gold camp in Ontario. Progressively drilling resources and realizing multiple gold discoveries on Shining Tree gold property . Acquisitions close to Borden Lake discovery. Platinex holds 6 large exploration prospects with potential for large scale Platinum Group Elements (PGE) ore bodies. Platinex has one of the larger claim positions in Ontario’s ‘Ring of Fire’ region with HELITEM survey recently completed. Management team and board of directors have extensive mining, exploration and business experience. PTX - TSX.V 2


COMPANY TARGETS Ore valuation on the Herrick Gold Deposit (Shining Tree property) with further drilling to expand resources. Drill high gold grain count in till anomalies and Caswell known high grade. Maintain and expand strong property portfolio. Capital efficient financing. Form exploration alliance to explore PGE properties. PTX - TSX.V 3

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Situated on a geological structure that has been host to significant gold producing mines, past and present. Gravity anomalies and gold in till deposit information point to Shining Tree as a major potential gold camp. Platinex’s property is on ‘main street’ in Shining Tree Gold Camp. PTX - TSX.V 4 SHINING TREE GOLD PROJECT

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DRILLING AND DEVELOPMENT HIGHLIGHTS OF SHINING TREE Herrick A shaft was first sunk in 1918, and by 1923 the shaft was 90m deep with 87m of crosscutting and 255m of drifting at various levels. Surface channel sampling for a 400m length has been completed on the H errick vein to date, with values up to 199 g/t Au over 1.3 m. Sixty-Six drill holes with qualified assay results of up to 18.78 g/t Au over 0.75 metres, and intersections as long as 46.3 metres with gold mineralization at 0.65 g/t. Caswell Forty-Seven drill holes have been completed on the prospect with unqualified assay results of 18.48 g/t Au over 18 metres , including 190.29 g/t Au over 1.5 metres Shafts were sunk on the East and West side of the lake in the mid 1920’s to depths of 23m and 150m respectively. In 1974, A bulk sample consisting of 250 kgs of vein material returned 102.3 g/t Au and 41,688.7 g/t Ag. Churchill and Gold Corona Unqualified historical channel samples from the Churchill returned significant values up to 17 g/t Au over vein widths for a strike length of some 20m. Secondary veins in the area including the Gold Corona also showed gold values of up to 6.96 g/t. Shafts were sunk on both occurrences in the 1920’s PTX - TSX.V 12


2011-12 SHINING TREE DRILL PROGRAM Phased drilling program on Herrick deposit gradually building resources. Goal is to add gold resources at low exploration cost per ounce. Ongoing surface work – analyse 200 more till samples, IP surveys, in December - January. Drilling on till generated anomalies by January, 2012 (5,000m all in). PTX - TSX.V 13


INVESTMENT HIGHLIGHTS SHINING TREE GOLD PROPERTY Shining Tree has the potential to be a world class gold camp – PTX is on main street in Shining Tree. Tallying resource inventory for Herrick gold deposit . Continuity of Resource : 66 drill holes have been completed with good gold intersections. Follow up discovery level gold in till associated with 9km shear zone. WELL CAPITALIZED $0.8 million in cash DIVERSIFIED LAND POSITION 6 other prospects in North America with PGE potential. 1 other gold property near Borden Lake discovery. Significant potential for major discovery in Ring of Fire. Intend to farm out 1 Ring of Fire property. PTX - TSX.V 16


MANAGEMENT TEAM & BOARD James R. Trusler , President, CEO and Director: Geological Engineer with 45 years of exploration experience with a history of discovery and a strong focus on PGE’s. Joanna Perrin , VP Corporate Development and Director: has 20 years of experience overseeing the business operations and administration of various companies. Scott Franko , Exploration Manager: Geologist with 28 years of industry experience. R. Bruce Reilly , Chief Financial Officer and Director: Chartered Accountant with 23 years of experience. Michael Blair , Director: President & CEO Automodular Corporation, Chairman Dominion Citrus Income Fund. William Baird , Director: President & CEO Atlanta Gold Inc. Lorne D. Burden , Director: Manager Corporate Development Royal Nickel Corporation. J. David Mason , Strategic Advisor : CEO, Director Augen Gold Corp., Founder & Director Augen Capital Corp. CEO Ore Reserve Asset Management PTX - TSX.V 17


CAPITAL STRUCTURE PTX - TSX.V 18 SYMBOL / EXCHANGE PTX / TSX Venture Shares Outstanding 47.9 million Fully Diluted 56.9 million Share Price (12/02/11) $0.075 Market Capitalization $3.59 million 52 Week High / Low $0.18 / $0.05 Cash Position $0.8 million Insider Ownership 30%


CONTACT INFORMATION James R. Trusler President & CEO Tel: 905.470.6400 | Platinex Inx. | Suite 114 – 445 Apple Creek Blvd. | Markham, Ont. | L3R 9X7 Investor Relations | Investor Cubed Inc. 647 258 3311 | PTX - TSX.V 19

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PTX - TSX.V 20 This document has been prepared by Platinex Inc. and should be read in conjunction with the final listing application to the TSX Venture Exchange and SEDAR filings. Certain statements included in this document constitute forward-looking statements which involve known and unknown risks, uncertainties and other factors that may cause the actual results of the Company to be materially different from future results expressed or implied by those forward-looking statements. Under no circumstances are the contents hereof to be reproduced in whole or in part, to the public or the press. Securities legislation in Canada prohibits such distribution of information. This document is for information purposes only and does not constitute an offer to sell or a solicitation to buy the securities referred to herein. DISCLAIMER

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