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Biodegradable and compostable plastic bags are different. This article will explore the various notions about biodegradable bags that are not true and what makes compostable plastic bags a better option. Find out the truth about recycling plastic bags and what is really beneficial for the environment. Biodegradable Plastic Bags Saving the environment is the motto everybody strives to live by nowadays. The amount of pollution that our Earth has been exposed to in the past years has resulted in its corrosion in many different ways. In an attempt to control this damage the government and the industrial components are working together to introduce eco-friendly measures in the production process. With regard to plastic bags, there has been a rise in the use of biodegradable printed plastic bags. Many companies offer these bags to people who want to do their bit for the environment. They feel a relief when they throw out their trash in these biodegradable trash bags. The question is: Is it really helping nature out?


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Compostable Plastic Bags for Your Trash – Compostable Plastic Bags for Your Trash – Save The Environment Save The Environment Biodegradable and compostable plastic bags are different. This article will explore the various notions about biodegradable bags that are not true and what makes compostable plastic bags a better option. Find out the truth about recycling plastic bags and what is really beneficial for the environment. BIODEGRADABLE PLASTIC BAGS Saving the environment is the motto everybody strives to live by nowadays. The amount of pollution that our Earth has been exposed to in the past years has resulted in its corrosion in many different ways. In an attempt to control this damage the government and the industrial components are working together to introduce eco­friendly measures in the production process. With regard to plastic bags there has been a rise in the use of biodegradable  printed plastic bags. Many companies offer these bags to people who want to do their bit for the environment. They feel a relief when they throw out their trash in these biodegradable trash bags. The question is: Is it really helping nature out BUSTING MYTHS Many people tend to think of biodegradable plastic bags that would decompose and become a part of the soil. However that is not what happens exactly. Here are three notions that must be busted if you really want to save the environment. • Biodegradable Bags Decompose in Landfills A large part of biodegradable bags gets dumped in landfills. A well­intentioned nature lover would think that it is good for the environment. However the opposite happens. The   Environmental   Protection   Agency   has   laid   down   that   landfills   must   block   out moisture   air   and   sunlight.   These   are   the   most   important   factors   that   aid biodegradation. What happens as a result is that biodegradable bags do not decompose at all. • Biodegradable Plastic Bags are Easy to Recycle Recycling plants follow strict procedures when they recycle plastic items. As it is the biodegradable bags cannot be recycled with other plastic products. Plastic bags and other plastic items have grades that dictate how they can be recycled. A grade 1 and 2 can be recycled together but a grade 7 cannot as it would contaminate the whole load that gets recycled. It likes washing the whites with the colored clothes. The whites would not remain white anymore. • Biodegradable Bags are Good for the Environment

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The last notion that needs busting is that biodegradable bags are beneficial for the environment. As the points above clearly show these bags do not biodegrade and this leads to pollution all over again. In landfills where most of these plastic bags end up there   is   no   decomposition.   It   produces   methane   that   contributes   heavily   to   the greenhouse effect. It is clear that using biodegradable plastic bags for waste disposal is not such a good idea. What a real environmentalist would rather do is use compostable plastic trash bags. People often use the terms biodegradable and compostable interchangeably. There are stark differences between these two and the following subheading discusses that. COMPOSTABLE PLASTIC BAGS Compostable plastic bags are not the same as biodegradable plastic bags. When it comes to disposing waste and saving the environment it would do everyone good to know the difference between these two. • Composting Naturally The production of compostable trash bags has to follow government regulated norms unlike the biodegradable ones. This industry standard ensures that the compostable bag does what it needs to do. Its purpose is to allow compostable things like garden waste kitchen waste and other things to compost naturally. • Compostable Bags Compost Too Biodegradable bags cannot compost on their own just because you throw them in the compost pit. To decompose it needs hot temperature and other factors that you cannot make possible. Unlike them compostable trash bags are compostable and that is why they are named so. • Reducing Greenhouse Effect Another benefit that compostable bags bring is that they help in controlling and reducing the greenhouse gases that get released into the atmosphere. As you use these bags in your compost the soil gets better in absorbing carbon. Composting therefore plays a huge role in boosting the environment. Many researchers agree that composting can help the soil in capturing the total amount of greenhouse gas emissions for a year if just 5 of the grazing lands were fertilized by compost. Isn’t this better than letting biodegradable bags release methane into the air • Procedure for Disposal Biodegradable  bags   that   get   thrown into  landfills   despite  having  non­biodegradable waste in them cause more harm than good. Compostable bags on the other hand follow a   legitimate   process   of   disposal.   There   are   compost   facilities   that   decompose biodegradable materials in a large scale. To enable such facilities to do their work properly you have to use compostable plastic bags.

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Saving the environment is not that difficult if you take the right steps in your daily life. Get compostable printed shopping bags to dispose your trash and do your bit for the environment responsibly. Link To Original Source:­plastic­ bags­save­environment    /

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