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plano is the best child screen time app & child Empowerment device management app for kids smartphones which control overall activities of when and where they use devices.


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Slide 1: A Parental Control app

Slide 2: Plano automatically tracks device use and rewards kids for getting in the habit of a good balance between device time, recreational activities and homework time.

Slide 3: Plano uses facial recognition to detect how far your child’s eyes are from the device and gets them into the habit of holding the device at the correct distance.

Slide 4: The innovative plano app developed to proactively prevent and provide a suite of child safety functions, while using science-based features to help modify behavior in children to reduce myopia related risk factors and encourage healthier device usage.

Slide 5: plano ®  lets you schedule no-device use times like ‘homework’ or ‘dinner’ or ‘sleep’ and creates safe zones such that they only use the device in specifically set areas.

Slide 6: plano ®  lets you block the apps and browsers as you see fit, so no more looking over their shoulder!

Slide 7: Kids earn plano ®  points for good device use which can be used to redeem items from the plano ®  shop with your permission. plano ® will also generate a list of child safe games, while ensuring that they don’t exceed smart device usage time.

Slide 8: Manage their time on devices Schedule no-device times like homework, dinner and sleep. Remotely switch off the device. Keep device use to 4 sessions per day. Provide smart reminders and activities for break times.

Slide 9: Reward  your children for  good device use ! Earn points Children earn points for good device use. Fun & Offers Use points for in-app games or special plano ®  partner offers . Adapt good habits Provides independence so they can form long-lasting better device use habits.

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