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Internet Safety Program : 

Internet Safety Program 2008-2009 Update

System-wide Technology Committee : 

System-wide Technology Committee Central Office Leadership Dr. Lois Berlin Dr. Gloria Guba Karen Acar Rik Jowers Leila Levesque John Brett School-based Leadership Steven Knight – TJ Brett Sparrgrove – MEH Susan Jinks – GM Donna Viscardi - MD

Overview : 

Overview Virginia 1st State to require that Internet Safety be integrated into all instructional programs. Required that Acceptable Use Policy  be updated. Required  a plan submitted to DOE Required Strategic Implementation Plans to be created

Goals for Internet Safety Program : 

Goals for Internet Safety Program Parent/Community Outreach Staff Development Integration of Curriculum is this the order you want the goals to be in?  Maybe Curriculum first, then SD, then Parent?

Parent/Community Outreach : 

Parent/Community Outreach PTA meetings focused on Internet Safety Instructional Technology Specialists have organized or lead for the past 2 years Find ways to share info (record presentations, Live Stream, alternative meeting times)  Should "Live Stream" be in caps?no Internet Safety Blog Instructional Technology Specialists as contributors Filter through the many online resources and share with FCCPS community Directly address questions from FCCPS community

Staff Development : 

Staff Development i-Safe Resources Baseline Knowledge of Safety Issues Up to 4 hours of video/activities Target all instructional staff GM – Started trainings MEH – Started trainings TJ & MD – Scheduled to start in August 09 Access to i-Safe curriculum Instructional Technology Specialists will discuss aspects of training at faculty meetings

Staff Development : 

Staff Development Instructional staff will be encourage to attend PTA/Community meetings focused on Internet Safety.  Instructional Technology Specialists will seek out Professional Development Opportunities Sexting Forum Enough is Enough Program NetSmartz Task Force

Integration of curriculum : 

Integration of curriculum Recommended that teachers use lessons when they fit i-Safe Resources (8-12) Netsmartz (K-7) Video Library Instructional Technology Specialists will model or co-teach lessons Schools will recognize June as Internet Safety Month with special activities

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