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Presented & performed by Arunachalam. PL COMPUTER ENGINEERING “A journey of a thousand sites begins with a single click”

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Introduction Google chrome Design Security Speed Stability Logmein Rescue How To Install & Register An Account Remote Control Orkut Introduction Scrap book & Communities Orkut Applications Privacy Messanger Bibliography Concluding remarks Agenda

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INTERNET TOOLS & TECHNOLOGIES INTRODUCTION TO INTERNET TOOLS Internet tools used on the Internet for information sharing, communication and interaction. Here we'll find organized and annotated tools, and applications.

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INTERNET TOOLS & TECHNOLOGIES Google Chrome is a web browser built with open source code and developed by Google. The name is derived from the graphical user interface frame, or "chrome", of web browsers. GOOGLE CHROME

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INTERNET TOOLS & TECHNOLOGIES Primary design goals were improvements in security, speed, and stability compared to existing browsers. There also were extensive changes in the user interface. Chrome was assembled from 26 different code libraries from Google and others from third parties such as Netscape. DESIGN

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INTERNET TOOLS & TECHNOLOGIES Chrome will typically allocate each tab to fit into its own process to prevent malware from installing itself. Chrome periodically downloads updates of two blacklists (one for phishing and one for malware), and warns users when they attempt to visit a harmful site. To reduce exposure to attack, plug-ins are run in separate processes that communicate with the renderer. SECURITY

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INTERNET TOOLS & TECHNOLOGIES They collectively report that Chrome performs much faster than all competitors, including Safari, Firefox 3, Internet Explorer 7, and Internet Explorer 8.  Existing implementations were designed for web applications such as Gmail "are using the web browser to the fullest when it comes to DOM (Document Object Model) and JavaScript". SPEED

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INTERNET TOOLS & TECHNOLOGIES The Chrome team was considering a multithreaded browser, the existing browsers are naturally single-threaded and Chrome implemented this concept with a multiprocessing architecture "see what sites are using the most memory, downloading the most bytes and abusing [their] CPU" STABILITY

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INTERNET TOOLS & TECHNOLOGIES LogMeIn Rescue is a web-based solution for attended remote support. Once the technician is connected to the customer’s device he has a set of resolution tools, giving him just about the same capabilities as if he was sitting in front of the customer’s device. As long as both the technician and the customer have a working connection to the Internet, the physical distance between them is irrelevant. LOGMEIN RESCUE

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INTERNET TOOLS & TECHNOLOGIES How to install Its time for small Demo…

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INTERNET TOOLS & TECHNOLOGIES How to install (cont..)

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INTERNET TOOLS & TECHNOLOGIES Register an account(cont..)

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INTERNET TOOLS & TECHNOLOGIES Its time for small Demo using iPhone…

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Introduction Orkut is a social networking service which is run by Google and named after its creator,an employee of Google - Orkut. The service states that it was designed to help users meet new friends and maintain existing relationships. Orkut is the most visited website in Brazil and second most visited site in India. A large percentage of users in India are high school and college students.

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"Scrapping" is popular among the Orkut community as a form of offline and online communication. The ability to pop up alerts immediately when a scrap is received. The scrap feature is sometimes used for chatting. Anyone with an Orkut account can create a community on anything. some Orkut communities become the infact source for the website links to movies, e-books etc. ScrapBook Communities

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Orkut Applications Orkut began rolling out applications to everyone in India and then in phases to the rest of the world. Orkut has several applications launched today. Applications like sending free sms to most of the mobile operators in India Currently privacy covers such features as scraps (separately read and write access), videos, photo albums, testimonials, applications. The user can limit visibility of their profile to a certain group of regions. In this case outside of these regions no user information is available. Privacy

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Messenger The messengers like MSN,Yahoo and Skype are used for chating purpose Now most of the teens are using video chat for their communication

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Now using Yahoo messenger we can call to landline and mobile phones around the world Voice over messenger

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Skype If two users have skype phones, they can call each other with using internet. So the calls are made easy and cheaper.

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INTERNET TOOLS & TECHNOLOGIES Here by we conclude that the internet tools used recently are google chrome, logmein rescue, orkut and messengers etc. We have seen Google chrome’s design ,security, speed and its stability. After seeing the demo, we are able to understand how and why LogMeIn Rescue can help us. Orkut communities are more privacy to share ourselves. And we have seen the features of different messengers

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“A journey of a thousand sites begins with a single click Full effort is full victory .”

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This Paper has been submitted under the guidance: Over headed by Mr.M. Saravanan (M.E) – Senior Lecturer (Computer Engg). K. Megala B.E – Lecturer (Computer Engg). MR.D.ARUL SELVAN M.E., Head Of the Department / Computer Engineering Mr.M. Ramesh Kumar, MCA.,Mphil – HOD i/c (Computer Engg).

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Bibliography REFERENCE Hardware zone magazine PC World magazine Tips & Tools for Next-Generation Web Browsing - Frank Adelstein, S K S Gupta, G G Richard & L Schwiebert Beyond Browsing and Email - Rahul Banerjee Websites

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