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Presented & performed by Arunachalam. PL COMPUTER ENGINEERING

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In the 1960s, scientists began work on using the computer to recognize human faces. Since then, facial recognition software has come a long way. Facial recognition software is based on the ability to recognize a face and then measure the various features of the face. Every face has numerous, distinguishable landmarks, the different peaks and valleys . Introduction

How Facial Recognition Systems Work : 

How Facial Recognition Systems Work The software measures :- Distance between the eyes Width of the nose Depth of the eye sockets The shape of the cheekbones The length of the jaw line These creates a numerical code, called a faceprint, representing the face in the database.

2D Facial Recognition : 

2D Facial Recognition

3D Facial Recognition : 

3D Facial Recognition Emerging trend in facial recognition software uses a 3D model, which provide more accuracy. It can even be used in darkness and has the ability to recognize a subject at different view angles. Using the 3D software, the system goes through a series of steps to verify the identity of an individual.

Working steps… : 

Working steps… Acquiring an image can be accomplished by digitally scanning device. Once it detects a face, the system determines the head's position, size and pose.

Working steps… : 

Working steps… The system then measures the curves of the face on a sub-millimeter scale and creates a template. The system translates the template into a unique code.

Working steps… : 

Working steps… If the image is 3D and the database contains 3D images, then matching will take place without any changes being made to the image. In verification, an image is matched to only one image in the database

Current Uses Of Facial Recognition Systems : 

Current Uses Of Facial Recognition Systems Software have been used by law enforcement agencies, who used the system to capture random faces in crowds. photographs will be used to verify that the person who received the visa is the same person attempting to gain entry.

Future Application Of Facial Recognition Systems : 

TIME TRACKING A4Vision, a creator of facial recognition software, is currently marketing a system that will keep track of employees' time and attendance. Future Application Of Facial Recognition Systems

Unique Feature : 

Unique Feature Iris of an eye Facial recognition systems uses unique features, like the iris of our eye, to identify us.



3D Acquisition Systems : 

3D Acquisition Systems Face specific Biometrics A4Vision Geometrix Modeling Cyberware Genex Inspeck Medeim General sensors Minolta V-910

Its time for a small Demo… : 

Its time for a small Demo…

Booking Stations : 

Booking Stations Repeat offenders are identified using facial recognition searches. Arrestees can also be screened against terrorists and other wanted individuals.

Inmate Visitation Screening : 

Inmate Visitation Screening

Visitation Screening : 

Visitation Screening Visitors are photographed using automatic face standardization technology. Images are screened against database of prohibited persons.

Visitation Viewing Station : 

Visitation Viewing Station

Release Verification : 

Release Verification

Release Verification : 

Release Verification Purpose:- To confirm an inmate’s identify just before to ` release.

Information Sharing : 

Information Sharing

Investigative Browser : 

Investigative Browser Investigative Browser:- Web based Facial Recognition searches. Able to search surveillance images.

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