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General Packet Radio Service

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Presented & performed by Arunachalam. PL COMPUTER ENGINEERING

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The GPRS is a new service that provides actual packet radio access for Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM). It provides for the transmission of IP packets over existing cellular networks, bringing the Internet to the mobile phone. Anything the Internet offers, from web browsing to chat and email, will be available from GSM via GPRS- enabled devices. Introduction

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A mobile phone or terminal that supports GPRS A subscription to a mobile operator that supports GPRS Use of GPRS must be enabled for that user. GPRS is designed to make the Internet fully available to mobile users. From day one, GPRS users can access any web page or other Internet applications- providing an immediate critical mass of uses To use GPRS, users specifically need:

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How to connect Internet?

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How to connect Internet?

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KEY USER FEATURES OF GPRS Theoretical maximum speeds of up to 171.2 kbps are achievable with GPRS. GPRS allows information to be transmitted more quickly, immediately and efficiently across the mobile network.

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Cond.. GPRS will fully enable the Internet applications you are used to on your desktop.

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It include file transfer and home automation - the ability to remotely access and control in-house appliances and machines. Other new applications for GPRS

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Current Technology PDA/mobile phone Phone/camera Wearable cell phone These are some of the Latest GPRS gadgets

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GPRS connecting tools

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Mifare The First application of GPRS on Time Attendance Device which is easy for data transmission. The attendance data can be transmitted in real time. Fingerprint Time Attendance with GPRS Applications

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Anonymity This ensures that it is not easy to identify the subscriber from their radio signal or SGSN connection. Authentication In order to bill correctly and to prevent fraud, the mobile operator needs to know who is using the system. The SGSN <SERVING GPRS SUPPORT NODE> takes care of this authentication. The security offered by GPRS includes the following key components: anonymity and authentication . SECURITY

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Its time for a small demo...

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Demo... Cond..

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Conclusion GPRS, widely considered a 2.5G technology, is a step along the evolutionary path that ultimately leads to 3G. Since GSM is the most widely subscribed wireless network type worldwide, and GPRS is deployed on the GSM network, it appears that GPRS has the potential to become the most prevalent wireless data access technology. Several possible evolutionary paths lead to 3G, but GPRS offers one of the most streamlined and logical progressions

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Submitted under the guidance of Over headed by Mr.M. Saravanan (M.E) – Senior Lecturer (Computer Engg). K. Megala B.E – Lecturer (Computer Engg). MR.D.ARUL SELVAN M.E., Head Of the Department / Computer Engineering Mr.M. Ramesh Kumar, MCA.,Mphil – HOD i/c (Computer Engg).

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Bibliography Simplicity is the key to Victory. Bruce Lee Book Website Hardwarezone magazine PC World magazine Tips & Tools for Next-Generation Web Browsing - Frank Adelstein, S K S Gupta, G G Richard & L Schwiebert Beyond Browsing and Email - Rahul Banerjee GPRS - How does it work and how good is it? - Nikhil M. Deshpande, Ph.D.Intel Corporation.

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THANKING YOU... Full effort is full victory

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