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We at PKT Apps strive to deliver the high quality android app development services. We are leading Android app development company, Brisbane Australia, contact us today to develop your android app.


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5 things to consider while going for android app development. We are into the era of Startups Enterprenureships and innovations. Everywhere someone has been                             pitching their app idea or have been thinking of ​developing the app ​. Well thats a common thing. The                                     world is on our fingertips these days. Most of the problems are being resolved by the applications. In                                     this era of apps Android apps are playing a vital role. Android app users are all around the world and it                                           dominated amongst the phone os usage. This might lead you to develop the android app initially. Well                                   thats the common mentality and strategy to go ahead with.    So lets go into details of 5 things that we should take into consideration while developing the android                                     app    1 Android OS Compatibility    It is very important to understand the market segment of your user what devices they would be using                                     what would be the OS. They can be easily understood using the survey results. You should pass that                                       info to the android ​app development company ​. As its critical to provide the OS-specific best                               performance to your users.     2 Smartphone or Tablets or both    It is equally important to decide whether you want to go for smartphone development only. Meaning                                 your app should run only on the smartphones or you are planning the game or book app which should                                       run only on the tablets or you want both smartphone and tablet compatibility Well this will affect the                                     cost of your development of the Android App. Choose it wisely.

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3 Crash Reporting    Crash reporting is what you should ask your android app development company to fit into the app that                                     way you would be able to know whats getting wrong with your app and you can easily ask your                                       developers to resolve the issue by providing them with the crash reports.    4 Always use Beta Testing    We recommend you to always opt in for the Beta Testing the reason being if there are any issues they                                         would be spotted by a limited set of users which can save you from the long-lasting embarrassments.                                   Besides you would be getting to know how your app looks to the end users and you would be able to                                           get various feedbacks from your end users.     5 Analytics Play store reviews    Always integrate analytics into your app. Firebase would be ideal and easy to integrate feature when it                                   comes to analytics. I would also like to recommend that have event-based logging into the app. For                                   example if you are running an ​eCommerce app try to integrate the offer section click events or if you                                       are looking for leads try to integrate the button clicks that way you would be able to identify which                                       portion of your apps are getting most used and which parts you can improvise. Then after you can                                     consult the UX designer to improvise the areas.      Play store reviews also play a vital role in your app performance and PSO Play Store Optimization.                                   PSO is the way to bring up the app in search results of the play store. And it also affects other results                                             from installing your app. If you have received bad reviews of the app dont ignore them. Try to contact                                       the poster of review and provide comment mentioning the solution and in turn ask them to re-review                                   the apps.     We wish best of luck for your new venture.

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