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SOUTH KOREA By Josh Casper

South Korea Compared to the Rest of the World : 

South Korea Compared to the Rest of the World South Korea is fairly small in size but has quite the population.

Downtown Seoul : 

Downtown Seoul It’s largest city and capital is Seoul. It is the second largest metropolitan city in the world; only behind Tokyo. Almost half of South Korea's population live in the Seoul National Capital Area in NW Korea.

South Korean Government : 

South Korean Government South Korea has a President of the Republic of Korea is, according to the Constitution, head of state, chief executive of the government, and commander-in-chief of the armed forces President Lee Myung-bak

Brief History : 

Brief History Gojoseon- first ancient kingdom in Korea 2333BC 13th and 16th century invaded by Mongols, Japan 1377 korea produced jikji. Oldest metal print doc. 15th century deployed first ironclads, turtle ships 19th century very isolated called hermit kingdom 1910 japan forcibly annexed korea, and remained occupied until 1945. WW2 ended. US and Soviet Union split korea into. Soviet’s got North and the US got South. Split at the 38th paralell.

Korean War : 

Korean War Refers to conflict between North and South Korea Started June 25, 1950 when N.K. crossed the 38th parallel into South Korea. On June 27 President Truman told US air and sea forces to give aid to S.K. June 27 1950 china entered the conflict. The us soldiers were pushed back close to the 38th parallel and the a stale mate occurred where not one army had a clear advantage.

Korean Culture : 

Korean Culture Many Korean pop stars and groups are well known in East Asia and Southeast Asia. K-pop often emulates American popular music, and usually features young performers. The movie are close to the same with regard to the lord of the rings or the matrix or star wars. Animation like the simpsons or king of the hill

Culture Cont. : 

Culture Cont. The have a very good education system. Western influences like Mayonaise and pizza have become popular. There dress often emulates American dress. Jeans but however many wear traditional asian dresses.

Foreign Affairs : 

Foreign Affairs South Korea maintains diplomatic relations with approximately 170 countries. The country has also been a member of the United Nations since 1991, when it became a member state at the same time as North Korea. On January 1, 2007, South Korean Foreign Minister Ban Ki moon assumed the post of UN Secretary-General. There is an ongoing effort at negotiating a Free Trade Agreement with the European Union, the second largest importer of Korean goods. South Korea is also negotiating a Free Trade Agreement with Canada.

Government : 

Government The government of South Korea is divided into three branches: executive, judicial, and legislative. It also has a president that lives in the Blue House.

Role of Women : 

Role of Women The relationship between wife and husband was often, if not usually, distant, aptly described by the Korean proverb: "By day, like seeing a stranger; by night, like seeing a lover.“ Couldn’t file for divorce until 1970’s. Little less than 1 million are prostitutes. Up until aprox. 10 years ago women weren’t very educated and now they are getting more education and better jobs.

Role of Men : 

Role of Men Much of the urban cities are high class business men and out in the country there are farmers. Many work in factories or in shipyards because they are the worlds largest ship builders. They also make many cars like Kia. Many are very well educated and have a lot of education.

Industry : 

Industry South Korea is leading several key industries in the world, particularly in the fields of science and technology. It has a very advanced and modern infrastructure and is a world leader in information technology such as electronics, semiconductors, LCD displays, computers and mobile phones, led by Samsung and LG. Home of the world's third largest steel producer, POSCO, it is the world's largest shipbuilder, the world's fourth largest oil refiner and one of the world's top five automobile producers, headed by Hyundai and Kia. It is also a leading country in biotechnology, construction, engineering, machinery, petrochemicals, robotics and textile

Military : 

Military A major military power in the world, South Korea has the world's sixth largest active troops, the world's second largest reserve troops and one of the ten largest defence budgets in the world. South Korea sent 3,300 troops of the Zaytun Division to help re-building in northern Iraq, and was the 3rd largest contributor in the coalition forces after only the US and Britain

Humanitarian : 

Humanitarian The South Korean government has been wanting to give aid to North Koreans. Many are starving but North Korea doesn’t want there help. They also want to get them some human rights. Many refugees that came to South Korea were put into government camps until they could get a job and house to start a new life.

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