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Introduction : 

Introduction What is the Pre sales ? Presales is a process or a set of activities normally carried out before a customer is acquired, though sometimes presales also extends into the period the product or service is delivered to the customer. In a typical sales cycle the stages are 1. Contact 2. Lead / Suspect 3. Prospect / Opportunity 4. Customer

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The task of a presales person starts from the initial contact phase and often ends once the customer is acquired i.e. sale is made. In some cases, presales also provides some initial or transitional support post sale. The responsibilities differ from organization to organization but in general include1. Lead Generation using various interaction methods2. Lead Followup3. Solution Preparation/Proposal based on Customers Requirements4. Product Demonstrations5. Proof of Concept Creation6. Creation of Marketing Documents7. ... and any other activity required to generate business

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The role of presales falls right in the middle marrying the customer needs to the (provider) company's services or products. This role is especially crucial in these industries because the products and services are often heavily customizable and also because the requirements of different customers are often unique. Role Of Presales Professionals In IT Industry

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The presales professional thus understands what the customer needs, develops an initial view of the solution the customer needs, then tailors the product or service of his company to meet what the customer needs, explains (or helps sell) this solution to the customer, helps close the deal or sale and often stays on to ensure that the delivery team or product specialists that follow him provide the intended solution Pre-sales activities are a vital element in the sales process for companies offering highly customized, technical, or expensive products or services. Pre-sales employees assist customers in making informed decisions requiring a large investment, such as information technology infrastructure, security systems or financial services.

Product Demonstration And Customer Service : 

Product Demonstration And Customer Service The main responsibilities of pre-sales employees revolve around creating awareness of the company's products, and working closely with potential customers to determine how the company can best serve their unique needs. Customer service elements of the job include detailed, upfront phone support, personal product demonstrations, onsite audits of potential customers' current solutions, responding to requests for information or pricing and preparing sales package proposals.

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Apart from personal customer service, pre-sales employees are also responsible for creating a deeper product awareness in the marketplace than that achieved by the marketing department. Marketing responsibilities include performing demonstrations at trade shows and other events, publishing white papers and creating highly technical sales literature

Internal Coordination : 

Internal Coordination Pre-sales personnel must maintain open communication with the product development and marketing departments. These departments must continually apprise pre-sales employees on new or planned products, features, technical issues, advertising campaigns and promotions. In return, pre-sales personnel must continually inform product development and marketing personnel about evolving customer preferences, complaints and needs, in addition to the status of competitors' efforts and trends in the overall industry and marketplace.

Post-Sale Service : 

Post-Sale Service Although pre-sales positions are generally concerned with serving customers before the sale, these positions can include post-sales support as well. During the pre-sales process, customers will establish a professional relationship with a pre-sales employee, and will build a measure of trust in the salesperson. As a result, it is often natural for these customers to call the pre-sales agent, whose contact information they have likely saved, in the event of a post sale service need. Pre-sales employees must attempt to solve customer issues effectively and reliably, but more technical and labor intensive issues can usually be forwarded to the customer support department.

Potential : 

Potential Sales departments contribute significantly to the success of any business, and a sales position can be an excellent starting point for an executive career path. There are often several layers of management through which an entry level pre-sales employee can progress, eventually leading up to a position as Chief Executive Officer, Sales Director or Chief Operating Officer.

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