Influencer Marketing in 2019: Everything you need to know!

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Influencer marketing is a form of Social media marketing involving endorsements from influencers, people and organizations who have expert knowledge In a particular field.


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Influencer Marketing in 2019: Everything you need to know! :

Influencer Marketing in 2019 : Everything you need to know!

What are social media influencers? :

What are social media influencers? Social media influencers is a simple concept where the person who has established the excellence and enough credibility in certain fields say fashion, diet & nutrition, lifestyle, mental health & counseling, etc. and has a huge number of followers on social media platforms.  Basically, someone who influences the common people who trust them and follow them in real life. The advice or advertises done by these social media influencers are trusted by people regarding using some brand, cosmetic products, fashion brand, etc. who follow them on social media platforms.

What is Influencer marketing?:

What is Influencer marketing? In this era of social media,  social media influencers is a new marketing strategy. Influencer marketing is basically, building a relationship with people who will build a relationship for you with your target audience.  Social media influencers platforms like Instagram Twitter or YouTube are used by brands to target the specific audience for the marketing of their products. Then approach to relevant social media influencer and persuade them for using the product and tell the good reviews about it on their channel to their followers, which ultimately help is sales of the product. 

Where do you find Social Media Influencers? :

Where do you find Social Media Influencers? There are a lot of people on social platforms like Instagram and youtube where you can find the perfect personality to brand your product by setting your own criteria and search for them by yourself. Or there is a thing called social media influencer agency. The agencies that help you introduce to the influencers who work in the same field as your product, as per your requirement. 

Why influencer marketing is important :

Why influencer marketing is important Since the people with large fans or followers on the social media influencer platforms are called influencers and socially they hold power to influence the people with their words and actions. This is simple if the influencer says he/she uses this brand or that product and its benefits then people simply start using that product.  Instead of brands making ads for themselves this is more beneficial in terms of returns as people will believe more to a third person rather than believing the ads done by brands talking about their own products. This is known as Influencer Marketing.  Also, there is a trust factor between the influencers and their followers, which is used by a brand for marketing purposes. 

Which is the best Social Media Influencer Platform? :

Which is the best Social Media Influencer Platform? As listed above there are a few platforms where the influencers have their fan followers. But among that Instagram influencers are on high demand. As the stats say a large number of young people use Instagram and for marketing the cosmetics or any gaming kit or about the clothing brand, using Instagram Influencer marketing is the way to go!

How to find appropriate social media influencer? :

How to find appropriate social media influencer? Now that we know what is the social media influencers and what is a social media influencer marketing, the criteria of deciding which influencer will be appropriate for your brand is the challenging part. So here are some parameters that you can consider while choosing the social media influencer. Parameters to find the right influencer: Suitable for brand : In terms of followers and from the same field of work as your brand .


Continue.. Followers base : They should have enough followers that will help you reach a targeted audience in terms of numbers.  Transparency : There should be transparency between the brand and the social media influencers so that will help build the trust deeper. Authenticity: The social media influencer should promote the only authentic products that they really believed to cause some benefits. Also, brands should check it vice-versa, otherwise the brand and the influencers might be in a position to jeopardize the trust of the whole follower base.  Vetting : The other criteria can be altered with the specific requirement of the brand but the keen and thorough investigation should be done to ensure the appropriate social media influencer for the brand.

How to seek help? :

How to seek help ? So there are companies/ agencies who will help you meet the appropriate influencer according to the requirements of the brand called social media influencer agency like SocialChamps Not only you will be helped with finding the right social media influencer but it also will help you with other marketing things that are required on high priority for the brandings.  For more details Contact: +91 7410001361

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