What Are Promoted Tweets?

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What Are Promoted Tweets?:

What Are Promoted Tweets?

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Have you heard of promoted tweets? If the answer is no, continue reading this presentation.

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“Promoted tweets” are basically ordinary tweets that reach a wide range of people and are paid by advertisers to promote their business

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If you are searching for “Plumlytics” in the Twitter search bar, Promoted tweets would be the very first clearly labelled results. Then you’d see other conversations about Plumlytics.

Should you be using promoted tweets?:

Should you be using promoted tweets? We’ve created a short positives and limitations list for you to decide whether you should use promoted tweets or not

Positives of Promoted Tweets:

Positives of Promoted Tweets Increase brand awareness Increase sales Drives users to your website Increase followers Promote sales and giveaways Connect with influencers

Limitations of Promoted Tweets:

Limitations of Promoted Tweets Advertisements may annoy people Viewers may skip over it If you don’t generate enough tweets and/or re-tweets, twitter will discontinue the add

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As illustrated above, there are both pros and cons to promoted tweets.

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Take a look at how your competitors are using promoted tweets for their business and decide whether it will be effective for you or not

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