How to design an SEO friendly website that ranks well in Search Engine

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Following industry-best optimization strategies to develop a website that is fully accessible and easy to index by search engines is what SEO friendly website design is all about. Making a website SEO friendly implies that Google and other search engines can crawl the pages of a website more efficiently, interpret the information, and index it in their databases. One of the advantages of having an SEO-friendly website is that you have a better chance of having every website pages indexed and ranked top in the search results. Read more - How to design an SEO friendly website that ranks well in Search Engine


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Pixlogix Doyou know theimportanceofSEOfriendlywebsitedesignHow SEOfriendly websitedesigncanhelp toimproverankinginGoogleandothersearchengine Get ready to improve your website design and make it SEO friendly which helps to improve your keywordsrankinginsearchengine. How about knowing that 30 of search traffic is organic With so many people clicking on the organic search listingithasbecomecrucialtousesearchengineoptimizationtoboosttherankingofyourwebsite. The benefits of an SEO friendly website are enormous. You don’t just get better in the search results but you willalsodrivemoretraffictoyourwebsite. Google receives more than 96000 searches per second during a day and these people who are searching for somethingcouldbeyourcustomer

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Pixlogix But the harsh reality is that you can’t reach each of them without having a well-optimized website that is SEO friendly. There are hundreds of articles and posts you will find to make your website SEO friendly but it is really hard to find how to design an SEO friendly website. There are hundreds of factors you will have to consider to optimize yourwebsiteforGoogle.Areyouawareofallofthem No one can consider an SEO friendly website with all those factors and design a website keeping those multiple parametersinmind. So how to make your website rank higher on Google The task of optimizing for better SEO is not a kid’s toy.

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Pixlogix That’s why we pulled information from various sources and opinions of our experts to help you know how to designanSEOfriendlywebsitethatrankshigherinGoogleandotherpopularsearchengines. ExplorehowtodesignawebsitethatisSEOfriendlyinthisblogpost. WhatisSEOfriendlyWebDesign SEO friendly website design is all about following the industry-best optimization practices to design a website thatisfullyaccessibleandeasytoindexbysearchengines. Making a website SEO friendly means that Google and other search engines can crawl pages of a website interpretthecontentmoreefficientlyandindexitintheirdatabases. One of the benefits of an SEO-friendly website is that it improves the chances of getting all the pages indexed andrankedonthefirstofthesearchresults.

slide 5: WhyisSEOfriendlyWebDesignImportant Why you really need a seo friendly website It is quite simple With the help of an SEO friendly website you cangetmoretrafficthanotherwebsitesthatignorethesearchengines.Solet’sgettoknowaboutthebenefitsof anseofriendlywebsite. BenefitsofanSEOfriendlywebsiteareasfollows: •Improvebrandawareness •Morereturnoninvestment •Beatyourcompetitors •Consistentresults •User-friendlywebsite

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Pixlogix Now that you know what and why to design an SEO friendly website that ranks it’s time to dive into how to makeyourwebsiterankhigheronGoogle. Here’re some of the best practices you must follow while designing a website to make it SEO-friendly. How To Make More SEO friendly website by doing less Let’s get to know about the best practice to design seo friendly website. BestPracticestoDesignanSEOFriendlyWebsiteThatRanks What can you do about SEO friendly website Right Now So Work on title-tag meta-description and ALT- text. When it comes to how to design an SEO-friendly website the first thing you have to work upon is title-tag meta-descriptionandALT-attribute.

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Pixlogix Atitletagdescribesyourdomain.Insteadofkeepingitlengthymakesureitisshortcatchyandauthenticenough tograbtheattentionofthepotentialusers. For the meta-description you should always keep the length between 150-160 characters at max. Don’t try to makeitunnecessarilylengthyandmakeitdifficultfortheaudiencetoidentifyorrecognizeyourbrand. Do you know search engines can’t read images Instead they understand ALT text. While thinking about how to make your website rank higher on google make sure you consider optimizing images by using ALT text to help searchenginesunderstandthemeaningofanimage. Try to use SEO friendly keywords that you wish to target while defining ALT text for an image. Also try to arrange keywords in the text surrounding the image and make it bold. This will help crawlers to know which of theimagetextisimportantforthereaders.

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Pixlogix Don’t forget to use an SEO-friendly browser to design an SEO friendly website. If you want to rank your website on Google’s first page one thing you need to do is make sure that your content is easy to index and crawl by Google. And to do so you will require an SEO friendly browser. When it comes to seeing how to design an SEO friendly websiteyoumustcheckhoweachofyourwebpageslookstosearchengines. With the help of an SEO friendly browser you can check what all information is visible to the search engine crawlers and how. There are plenty of such browsers available in the market. Pick the best one for your website. Howeveryoumightseeyourwebsitealotdifferentlyonsuchbrowserssodon’tfeelscared Simple website architectures is a must to design an SEO friendly website that ranks higher in search engines. Youmightfeelthetermisalittletechnicalbutithasnothingtodowithtechnicalstuff.

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Pixlogix Here we are talking about how you arrange different pages within your website. It is more about discussing how youcanlinkeverypageofyourwebsiteinawaytorankyourwebsiteonGoogle’ssearchresultpage. When it comes to the search engine friendly website structure you have to think about simplifying the page structurewhichiseasyforsearchenginestounderstandandindex. If you have used a complex page linking structure the search engines will be facing a tough time finding and indexingthepagesofyourwebsite. How about using the Canonical Tag to rank your website on Google’s first page Canonical tags are having an impactonSEOintwoways. First they directly influence how search results are displayed. And secondly they affect the ranking of your websiteinmultiplewayslikebasedonyourstructureuserexperienceandPageRankflow.

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Pixlogix The ultimate goal of the canonical tag is to help you get rid of the duplicate content issue on your website. If you’ve 3 pages using the same content you can easily choose just one of them to get displayed on the search engineresultpage. Thiswayyoucandecidewhatpageyouwanttoshowinthesearchengineresults. However you cannot get the benefit of canonical tags if you don’t use them correctly. So make sure you use themcorrectly. Focus more on URLstructure to design an SEO friendly website that ranks higher in the search engines. Not all websitesusethesameURLstructure. The URL structure of your website relies on the needs of your site. Based on the purpose of your website the URLstructuresmayvary.

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Pixlogix HoweveronethingyoumustknowisthatyourwebsiteURLstructureisalinkbetweenyourcontentandauser. It has a direct impact on two things: user experience and PageRank. By using the logical URL you can easily improve the user experience. And with the help of appropriate internal linking of pages you can tell Google what thedifferentpagesofyourwebsiteareandhowtheyarerelated.ThiswillimprovePageRank. To rank your website on Google’s first page you must focus on the URLstructure of your website. Try to follow a good URL structure use the HTTPS protocol hide the www prefix keep it short and simple and use SEO friendlykeywordswithinthewebsiteURL.

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Pixlogix Mobile-FirstDesign is vital. Do you know that Google prominently uses the mobile version of the content when it comes to indexing and page ranking Based on the research 51 of smartphone users prefer to use the company’s mobile app to browse or shop. In such a scenario thinking about mobile-first design is crucial for everybusinesswhentheythinkabouthowtodesignanSEOfriendlywebsite. To design an SEO friendly website that ranks optimizing for mobile is important more than ever. The ultimate goal of mobile first design is to make your site responsive and designed to fit the mobile devices used by the targetaudience. In the mobile first design you’ve to cover all the necessary details of your website without interrupting the user experience.

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Pixlogix Hence make sure you offer the best functionality and aesthetics while being minimalist. Also ensure that you keeponlyessentialsandkeepenoughspacetomovearoundfortheaudience. Youcanalsoavoidlargeandcomplexgraphicswhicharenotsogoodfittodisplayonthesmallscreen. Apart from this you need to work on the fonts as your mobile users are not used to seeing or reading various fancyfonts.Sotrytokeepfontsthatareeasytoread. Get better SEO friendly website results by following simple steps so don’t forget to use keywords inheadlines anchortextandsubheadingstodesignanSEOfriendlywebsitethatranks. Not all places in your website can help you get great exposure and utilize the power of SEO with the help of keywords.

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Pixlogix The keywords can help you rank your website on Google but not always if you have not used them at the right place. The best places to use keywords are headlines subheadings or anchor text. It is a great idea to put important keywordsinthenameofyourwebsite’ssections. Search engines look for uniqueness on your website and when you have something interesting in the heading or subheading of your web pages the search engine will definitely assign more weight to it and may help you rank higher. Consider only a single keyword while optimizing your website. We know how exciting it is to explore how to design a website that is SEO friendly and you try to accommodate all the great keywords in your website to rank higher.

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Pixlogix Butholdon.Doyouknowusingtoomanykeywordsonasinglepagecandamageyoursearchenginerankings Well it does. When you optimize your website to rank higher you should plan to use one keyword phrase on a pageratherthanseveralonesatatime. By using a single keyword you can utilize the true potential of SEO. Along with it try to optimize title Meta tagsandothercontentusingthatsinglekeywordonly. Optimizecontentstoleveragethebenefitsofan SEO friendly website.ThefieldofSEOchangeddrastically.But throughout the years one thing that has remained constant and is CONTENT. Content and SEO go hand-in-hand and it is the most important aspect everyone should consider when it comes to optimizing and ranking your websiteonGoogleorotherpopularsearchengines.

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Pixlogix Make sure you focus on keywords use headings properly optimize the length of your posts perform link optimizationandusekeywordsnaturallyinyourwebsite. You should also try to ensure that the content of your website is unique and valuable. Your content should appeal tothetargetaudienceandthusyoumustcreatecontentconsideringtheneedsofyourcustomers. Moreoverthecontents ofyourwebsite should beeasytoread and arenot duplicate.Apart fromallthisyou must havetherightcontentstrategyinplace. After everything done in the design part don’t forget to review and optimize other important factors like link buildingsocialmediapresenceandofcoursekeepyoureyesoncompetitors. Don’t overlook link building. Link building is essential when you think about how to make your website rank higheronGoogle.

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Pixlogix You must focus on building a healthy backlink profile for your website. Inbound links coming to your site are an importantfactorforrankingyourwebsitehighinsearchengines. Make sure you have a list of trusted websites from where you can get backlinks. However not all backlinks are usefulandlegitimate. The backlinks coming from the trusted resources are useful and can have a good impact on your website ranking. Itwillboostthetrustofsearchenginesforyourwebsite. One thing you must avoid is investing in sponsored links since they really don’t add any value to your SEO campaign. It is always better to expect backlinks from the respected blog and media from your niche. Such backlinks will generaterealtrafficfollowersandengagementforyourwebsite.

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Pixlogix Another great way to earn links is you can help others by sharing your knowledge valuable insights and free tools. Inreturntheywillmentionyouontheirwebsitewhichisagainagreatsourceofbacklinkforyou. Workonthesocialmediapresencetorankyourwebsiteongoogleorothersearchengines. Social media doesn’t have a direct impact on SEO but links you share across social media platforms could be a greatsourcetoincreaseyourbrandexposure. Social media could help you in different ways like help you contribute content longer life of your posts enhance onlinevisibilityandorganictrafficboostbrandexposureandimprovelocalsearchoptimization. Asapartofimprovingyoursocialmediapresencetrytoconsiderpostingusefulmaterials.

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Pixlogix Posting such meaningful information could help you gain attention from the target audience and may help you increaseyourcontentreach. Better information helps social media profiles to rank higher in the search results which in the end help increase yourvisibility. Also links from social media can help search engines to index your posts which leads to more traffic andimprovedrankingofyourwebsite. LastbutnottheleasttrytokeepaneyeonwhatyourcompetitorsaredoingforSEO.Itisalwaysathumbrule tocloselyobservewhatyourcompetitorsaredoingasapartoftheirSEOstrategy. Try to find outwhatkind ofkeywordstheyare usinghow well thekeywords rankinthesearch engines and how itisrelevanttoyourbusinessniche.

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Pixlogix Also try to see how their website is appearing and what kind of content they are publishing. You can get an idea abouttheirSEOstrategyandcanchangeyoursifneeded. However it is important that you don’t just follow it blindly. Make sure you check how well it fits in your marketingplanandtweakitalittleifrequired. WhilefollowingtheseamazingbestpracticestorankyourwebsiteonGoogleorothersearchenginesmake sureyoudon’tcommitanyofthefollowingmistakes: •Avoidimplementingheaderstagswrongly.Morethan50ofwebsitesaresufferingfromthisandwedon’twant youtojointhatbadgang.Sorememberkeywordsanduseappropriatetagsforyourwebsite.Don’tgofora non-responsivewebsite.Itwillhelpyoureducetheoverallbouncerateofyourwebsite.

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Pixlogix •Wealllovemediaandanimationbutdon’tgomadatitwhenitcomestoyourwebsite.Alwaysoptimizemedia contentbeforeusingitonyourwebsitesinceithasahugeimpactonyourwebsite’spageloadtime. •Thecontentofyourwebsiteshouldnotbetooshortorthin.Searchenginesarehungryforqualitycontent. Keepingtooshortorthincontentwillkeepyououtoftheracetorankhigher. •WeandinfacteveryonehatesinfinitescrollingThefeatureisgreattoloadmorecontentbutwhenitcomesto designinganSEOfriendlywebsitethatranksitwillhurtyou.

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Pixlogix LastlygiveyourbestshotinwhateveryoudotodesignanSEO-friendlywebsitethatranks CanyousensesomethingfromsuchalongdiscussiononhowtodesignanSEO-friendlywebsite The entire discussion and points we discussed are somehow related to becoming the best you can possibly be – whetheraboutoptimizingcontentimprovingthepageloadsorboostingtraffic. Pixlogix is one such passionate web design agency that is helping clients understand the true potential of SEO friendlywebsites. Our experts have already tried all these tips to optimize websites for SEO and client’s observed great results from itTryusoutWe’reworthdiscussingyourwebdesignrequirements

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