5 Magento Extensions you should explore for your eCommerce Websites


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Magento global partner community with extensive features and extensions but how to find the exact extensions for your eCommerce website? Here is a list of our top 5 Magento Extensions for eCommerce powered by Pixlogix.


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Pixlogix infopixlogix.com www.pixlogix.com The brands across the world have accepted Magento due to its flexibility. While today consumers and their buying behavior are transforming by every single day. With the leading eCommerce stores such as Coca Cola Ford Fox Connect and Warby Parker are comprehensively using Magento for management of their CMS. Magento Global Partner Community and Diverse Extensions The Magento global partner community with extensive features and extensions assist in achieving any looked-for functionality. Besides using different beneficial extensions on your web portal empowers with most exceptional web performance for your end-customers. On the other side your consumers require a site that is straightforward to use simple to navigate and is quite fast to load. Precise Extensions for your eCommerce Website Hence the question is how to find the exact extensions for your eCommerce website. Below is a list of our top 5 Magento Extensions for eCommerce powered by Pixlogix. Contact Form Builder Flexibleforms P ixlo g ix’ s simple to use Magento contact form builder flexibleforms extension comes with multiple forms and fields. It is amongst the best Magento 1 Extensions used for eCommerce. Further it backs up to Magento 1.9 with highly responsive themes. Even it allows building multiple customized forms without the need for any programming or coding skill-sets. Additionally it operates by simple click and selection options. Further it provides choices for choosing multiple form fields design as well as front-end themes. Also it offers extensive access to web inquiry forms business quotation forms and various survey options.

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Pixlogix infopixlogix.com www.pixlogix.com Contact Form for Magento 2 This Magento Contact Form Extension empowers multiple forms and fields creation with advanced support and free updates. However the downloading and installation of contact form extension for Magento 2 is simple and delivered without any execution difficulty. The extension supports 1 column 2 columns and 1 column broader layout so there is no concern about responsive design. Further it enables the admin to use any of the forms as the product inquiry form on numerous product pages. With Magento 2 form builder it brings customers the unrestricted form and fi e l d ’ s creation with database records as well as fieldsets. Most of the professionals recommend it as an advanced contact form extension. BLOG – Magento Extension This Blog – Magento Extension is one of the most excellent blog extensions for Magento. It offers popular blog creation features like other leading CMS platforms. Further its functions include post category comment tag author and search option. By using this extension admin can effortlessly add a blog post with related category tag author as well as post date. Additionally the admin can dynamically enable or disable social sharing and comments. Admin can further handle sidebar widgets by setting-up of page options. However the customer can explore category archive page post list page tag archive page month archive page author archive page as well as search result page. Further a user can see diverse page layouts on the front-end and post detail page handled by admin dynamically. Also Magento Blog extension is SEO friendly and boosts search result on Google. Besides the admin can straightforwardly set meta-information for different posts and categories.

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Pixlogix infopixlogix.com www.pixlogix.com Magento 2 Blog Extension This extension is the best Magento 2 Blog Extension which offers advanced blog creation features. By using this extension admin can effortlessly add a blog post with connected category tag author and post date. Further admin can dynamically facilitate or put out of action the comments and social share functions from the configuration. Moreover the comments feature can be kept secure and accessed by logged in users. The extension possesses blog category post tag author default comment with Captcha Disqus comments XML sitemap RSS feed SEO friendly and search post functions. Further the admin can utilize new categories recent posts recent comments and tag cloud block – right from the blog setting page. Besides it can enable and disable dropdown preferences. Shipping Availability This shipping availability Magento extension allows the users to find out the accessibility of shipping COD and Delivery information utilizing zipcode or postcode. While the shipping module in Magento supports checkout processes. When the product is obtainable for the entered postcode/zipcode the customer can advance to the checkout procedure through the Magento shipping module. The accessibility of products shipping and availability of COD is showcase automatically to the users who are logged in by active zipcode/postcode. Meanwhile the admin can use a .csv file to import postcodes/zipcodes right from the back-end. The Magento COD Checker Extension enables the admin with the configuration of cash on the delivery process to display on precise postcode/zipcode. However the admin can also confine cash on delivery as payment methods as per the postcode/zipcode configuration.

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Pixlogix infopixlogix.com www.pixlogix.com Why an eCommerce Store Owner should opt for these 5 Pixlogix Extensions Access to the product through an online demo Answers to extension questions and queries Free downloadable user guide and other guidance 90 days support and free update every time Offer 25 days money-back guarantee as per our refund policy Moving Forward These were the 5 Magento Extensions for eCommerce website powered by Pixlogix. Further you can easily install them from our site. At Pixlogix we purely love Magento and like to build responsive eCommerce web portals backed by robust Magento eCommerce development. In case if you’re looking for these Extensions then feel free to Visit our Store: Pixlogix Extension Store

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