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Here is some Best Web Design Trends that will definitely help you create bold, unique, and unforgettable designs in the year 2019!! Read it for more information.


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Pixlogix When we talk about the Website Design Trends it is always about measuring the change in web design technologies and things that have created a huge impact in a way websites designed so far. In today’s vast and accelerated online world just amazing user experience and the creative responsive website design aren’t enough to create a remarkable presence You have to think ahead of time and should understand the “good and bad” in creating a website. Looking back at the design trends in the last couple of years you can see that the design trends have pushed towards rampant creativity. The UI/UX design experts have explored a lot of new ways of designing website including the use of bold colors asymmetrical layouts mobile responsive website and more. In last year we have seen advancement in the technology that has enabled UX designers to utilize new styles and connect effectively with the users. With so many innovations it is important to take a pause and have a look at what trends to watch out in 2019. Here are some of the most notable design trends you should adopt this year: B r o ke n G r i d A s y m m e t r i c a l l a y o u t s Maybe you found it already in-use during last year but still it will be ruling the creative responsive website design in 2019 too Many UX design experts believe that with the help of a broken grid you have the power to make the design less rigid and makes it easy to setup layout elements in a design. With the help of asymmetrical layouts UX designers can easily break the boundaries for the design and can help them stand out different from the crowd. In 2019 it seems the buzzing trend among the designers.

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Pixlogix F l a t D e s i g n Flat design is all about moving towards a minimalistic approach where UX designers focus more towards clean bright colors and basic 2-D illustrations. It has become a standard process in the last couple of years to follow this trend with the rising demand for fast loading websites and performance-driven mobile responsive website. Many popular app development platforms and business websites are leveraging from the flat design. And the trend seems to go viral in the coming years R o t a t i n g A n i m a t i o n s What thing can keep visitors coming back to your website Try experimenting with a little tweak in your website content It has been observed that many popular brands are using rotating animations to let the banner texts or titles to play as and when a user lands on the website. Many sites often leave users curious by displaying different animated videos as and when user reload or refresh the pages of a site. With this it is becoming a global trend among the new designers to add rotating animations for different contents like titles call-outs and so on. V i b r a n t C o l o r P a l e t t e s When it comes to website design trends in 2019 bright and vibrant colors will be among the most talked-about elements of a website. Being a root of the design theory starting from the gradient backgrounds and bright images colors are everywhere and it will continue gaining popularity this year. Colors in 2019 will be a huge leap from many conventional and basic color schemes. Many new bright colors evolved and more vibrant colors are utilized to design different elements of a website at this moment.

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Pixlogix C h a t b o t s Since the last couple of years chatbots have been in the spotlight because of advancement in artificial intelligence and machine learning popularity. Many UX designers often customize the chatbots using bright colors to make them prominent on the website. It is predicted that in future many chatbots to boost up the brand identity and improves user experience in the website if designed correctly. B o l d Ty p o g r a p h i c Creative responsive website design is not just having an amazing layout but is also about how the information is displayed on it. Statistics show that more than 95 of the information on any website is simply a TEXT. Utilizing bold typographic will impress your target audience and helps you convey the information with the correct tone. This trend seems booming since the last couple of years and it is not going in a short time for sure Aside to these top 6 design trends UX design experts often believe that 3-D illustrations micro interactions video content thumb-friendly navigations and a lot more new and innovative trends to be observed in the year ahead Discussion on design trends is always interesting specifically when you are into designing a mobile responsive website or creative website for different business verticals. However following the above trends will definitely help you create bold unique and unforgettable designs in the coming year

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