20 Best WordPress Plugins for Professional WordPress Websites


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20 Best WordPress Plugins for Professional WordPress Websites Pixlogix infopixlogix.com www.pixlogix.com

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WordPress plugins are the best tools for extending and adding functionality to your WordPress project. There are many plugins in the market and this blog will tell you about the 20 best plugins for expanding and accumulating diverse functionalities to WordPress. These WordPress plugins can help you scale your business websites with multiple types of features and functionalities. Pixlogix infopixlogix.com www.pixlogix.com Sometimes the type of business determines the kind of plugins that you should have however there are particular plugins that are always required. In some cases there are multiple plugins for the same feature or function that you necessitate. So all you would need to do is to hire a WordPress developer for yourself that suits your project. In the below list we have both free and premium plugins for your WordPress project they are combined and developed as freemiums. A freemium is a free plugin with an upgrading option for the premium features.

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E v e r e s t Fo r m s F R E E A contact page is one of the most fundamental pages you need on a website. Everest Form is a modern-day plugin that provides contact form functionalities with a drag and drop interface. You can build contact forms beautifully and quickly. J e t p a c k F r e e m i u m Jetpack is a powerful plugin for every website and it is a must-have. It mainly protects your website and provides security by preventing brute force attacks. It gives instant notification to any issues found. Yo a s t S E O F r e e m i u m Search engines are the primary source of traffic. Yoast SEO is a WordPress Development Service which is mainly to attract traffic for these websites and ensure that their website appears first on the search engine Pixlogix infopixlogix.com www.pixlogix.com

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U s e r R e g i s t r a t i o n F r e e m i u m User Registration is a free drag and drops user registration plugin. The WordPress plugin comes up with a lot of amazing features that can help you create a front-end registration form in no time. G o o g l e X M L S i t e m a p s F R E E Google XML Sitemaps is another useful SEO plugin for WordPress websites. The plugin indexes your site with an XML sitemap by helping the search engines like Google Bing Yahoo etc. A k i s m e t F r e e m i u m Akismet enables custom WordPress development services that by default come with new WordPress core installations. It is like an anti- spam plugin which filters our spam comments. Pixlogix infopixlogix.com www.pixlogix.com

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N i vo S l i d e r F r e e m i u m Nivo Slider is a WordPress plugin that offers beautiful transition effects allows automatic image cropping and enables your website images to look best on all types of display be it laptop or mobile. WP S m u s h F r e e m i u m With WP Smush you can optimize and compress the required images without reducing their overall quality level. It maximizes all of your image files in PNG JPEG and GIF format by using an advanced compression technique which in turn saves lots of storage space. WP - O p t i m i z e F r e e m i u m WP-Optimize is an excellent tool for optimizing WordPress and cleaning up the WordPress database. This plugin automatically removes unwanted data from your WordPress and always keeps your database optimized for the best performance. Pixlogix infopixlogix.com www.pixlogix.com

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G o o g l e A n a ly t i c s f o r Wo r d P r e s s by M o n s t e r I n s i g h t s F R E E Google analytics is a free to use statistical tool for understanding search engine and website traffic. Understanding your target audience and catering to their needs is a great way to improve your user traffic. A l l In O n e S c h e m a . o r g R i c h S n i p p e t s F R E E Rich snippets are the best way to amplify the appearance of your websites on search engines. They provide the primary information about the product and highlight all the attractions of the product. Va u l t P r e s s F r e e m i u m VaultPress is a security-oriented WordPress plugin that is mainly built to create real-time backups for your website that are automated. It easily syncs up all content comment and post to protect from web issues and attacks Pixlogix infopixlogix.com www.pixlogix.com

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BJ L a z y L o a d F R E E BJ Lazy load plugin replaces all your post thumbnails gravatar images post images and content iframes with a placeholder and it loads the content only when it gets closer to the browsing screen. Wo r d f e n c e S e c u r i t y F r e e m i u m Wordfence Security is the one plugin you can rely on. Wordfence security features malware scan login security Firewall protection blocking live traffic monitoring and many more. B r o k e n L i n k C h e c k e r F R E E Through this plugin you can check all your posts comments and even other content for broken links and it has a feature to notify you if it finds any such broken links instantly. It also reports missing images so that you fix them quickly. Pixlogix infopixlogix.com www.pixlogix.com

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R e d i r e c t i o n F R E E Redirection is the right plugin to pick for your website. It is there to help you to keep track of 404 errors and manage all the 301 redirections. M a i l C h i m p f o r Wo r d P r e s s F r e e m i u m This plugin is one of the most popular email marketing services to send emails manage subscribers and track results in bulk. MailChimp for a WordPress site is easy to integrate with the plugin MailChimp for WordPress. S o c i a l I c o n s F R E E Social Icons is a free WordPress plugin which allows you to display the popular social icons on the website. With this plugin you can add social media icons to the pages or posts through shortcodes or widgets. Pixlogix infopixlogix.com www.pixlogix.com

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D i s a b l e C o m m e n t s F R E E Disable Comments are useful to disable comments globally on your whole website or specific post type. This plugin provides an easy to use solution for disabling comments on post pages types and attachments. W 3 To ta l C a c h e F r e e m i u m WordPress caching is one of the finest ways to enhance the overall website performance. The idea behind the caching is to store the site data provisionally in the cache so that it loads quicker subsequently when the user opens that page again. W3 Total Cache plugin will cache your posts and pages in the form of static HTML files which are provided to the users. This decreases the page loading time and assists to optimize the website performance. It will also help you in streamlining your w e b si te ’ s Search Engine Optimization SEO used to generate inquiries. Pixlogix infopixlogix.com www.pixlogix.com

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K e y Ta k e away s : Hope you found this article useful and figured out the right plugin to profit with WordPress Development. You can even connect to a WordPress Development Company like Pixlogix to explore more and get going with your next WordPress Development project. Read More

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