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Browse the great collection of antique doors includes: French doors, vintage doors, old wooden doors, antique interior doors and entry doors at great prices.


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Sort By: Date       Show: 24 Our selection of reclaimed antique doors are complete with their original hardware and nishes. Each door can be altered to t your projects specic needs.   Doors  Retail Price: Antique Spanish Oak Door c1750 1600.00 Retail Price: Antique French Oak Door c1870 2400.00 Call us : 214-717-6722 | 

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Retail Price: Antique French Door 2800.00 Retail Price: Antique French Single Door c1860 2400.00

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Retail Price: French Oak Entry Door c.1860 3900.00 Retail Price: Antique Oak Entry Door c.1860 3900.00

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Retail Price: Single Oak Entry Door c.1870 3400.00 Retail Price: Single Walnut Door c.1870 2800.00

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Retail Price: Single Oak Door with Ironwork c.1870 3900.00 Retail Price: Single Antique Door with Ironwork c1880 3900.00

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Retail Price: Massive Antique French Door with Door Frame c.1820 29500.00 Retail Price: Double Door w/ High Relief Paneling c.1850 6800.00

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Retail Price: French Double Oak Doors c.1860 6800.00 Retail Price: French Oak Door w/Paneled Transom c.1900 3600.00

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Retail Price: French Oak Entry Door with Oval Window c.1910 2900.00 Retail Price: French Walnut Entry Door c.1850 3900.00

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Retail Price: Single French Oak Entry Door c.1850 3400.00 Retail Price: Walnut Door w/Glass c.1870 5200.00

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Retail Price: 1850 French Door 1800.00 Retail Price: 1870 French Oak Door 3800.00

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Retail Price: Antique Door with Frame c.1880 4900.00 Retail Price: Antique Oak Door c.1870 3900.00

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1 2 3  Show: 24 Retail Price: Antique Oak Door c.1860 4600.00 Retail Price: Antique Oak Door c.1890 4600.00

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