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Best Water Filter Pitchers 2019 Reviews You will strongly agree with me when I say that you need a best water filter pitcher right now if you are using municipal tap-water. Why Because the tap water is not safe and includes chemicals toilet water Chloramine fluoride even the birth control drugs comes all the way to your kitchen. Imagine the number of diseases this dirty water can cause for you and if you have children in your home. Still don’t agree Jonathan Yoder epidemiologist and deputy branch chief of the U.S Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Waterborne Disease Prevention Branch explained “We know that tap water’s not pure it’s not sterile. So while it’s being treated and brought to the home there certainly could be things that could be in water that the consumer might be concerned about.” Though water is disinfected using ozone and chlorine but there still left some traces which might reach to your faucet. So in order to purify this water from a municipal system that brings chemicals containment as well as harmful bacteria viruses or parasites you need some serious kind of water filtration system in order to get filtered water in it’s purest form. That said we have crafted this list of top water filter pitchers 2019 to help you pick the right one. The market is saturated with a number of brands offering many water filter models making it difficult for you to choose the best one. In this post you will be able to decide which one is the best for your health and also best budget for you. Though this list contains expensive as well as inexpensive models you will be able to see differences between them due to the features and quality of pure water they generate. We also have a recommendation for those looking for affordable water filter pitcher which gives best-quality water. We spent hours on research because it’s the most sensitive matter for health and we want to recommend you the only best device which could be worth for the money you will spend.

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Best Water Filter Pitchers 2019 See this comparison chart to differentiate between the models we have listed. WATER FILTERS CAPACITY RATING CHECK PRICE PUR 18 Cup Dispenser 18-Cup 4.9/5 Check Price Brita 10-Cup Everyday 10-Cup 4.8/5 Check Price MAVEA Elemaris XL 9-Cup 09-Cup 4.7/5 Check Price ZeroWater 10-Cup Pitcher 10-Cup 4.6/5 Check Price BWT – Designer Water Filter Pitcher 12-Cup 4.5/5 Check Price

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