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If you are striving hard to find a kosher restaurant, mediterranean restaurant in Florida, Pita Plus is the perfect one for you. We also offer kosher catering services.


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Kosher Catering:

Kosher Restaurant Pita Plus is a Kosher Restaurant that delivers the customers the best kosher food. Foods like Falafel, Shawarma , babagnush , shish kebab, tuna and many more are on our menu.

Kosher Catering:

Mediterranean Restaurant Pita Plus offers you top quality food in our Mediterranean Restaurant . So why Are you waiting? Come and join with our family.

Kosher Catering:

Kosher Catering Pita Plus Kosher Catering is for all occasions and events. We serve truly fresh, and delectable foods for house parties, anniversary parties, fundraising events, cocktail parties and many more events.

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