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Podcasting for Public Relations, Information Exchange, and the Classroom:

Podcasting for Public Relations, Information Exchange, and the Classroom Professors Joseph Pisano and Keith Mason

Podcasting 101:

Podcasting 101 What is it? Audio or Video distribution through syndication such as RSS feeds. The term “podcasting” was coined in 2004 by Ben Hammersley in an article in The Guardian newspaper. It comes from the word “pod” in Apple’s “iPod”. Other synonyms: Netcast or Blogcast A “ backronym ” P ersonal O n D emand broadcast…

What kind of GEAR is needed to create a podcast?:

What kind of GEAR is needed to create a podcast? A simple microphone The better the quality the better the podcast Audio recording software or hardware Built-in or 3 rd party Audio editing software Consider Audacity @ http://audacity.sourceforge.net An Internet connection Broadband, if possible, for uploading A syndicated website or account iTunes Podomatic ( http://podomatic.com )) A Blog (Blogger/WordPress) Any Website with RSS feeds

Thousands of Music Education Related Podcasts :

Thousands of Music Education Related Podcasts There are still an unbelievable amount of podcasts being made and online today. Current Examples: Music Classroom Podcasts Classroom Music Students ~ Woodstation Elementary School Music Podcast http://web.me.com/lanemusic/WESPodcast/Podcast/Podcast.html Featuring students and music from Woodstation Elementary School

Podcast Examples::

Podcast Examples: Classical Music Naxos Classical Music Spotlight Podcast ~ http://blog.naxos.com/ Raymond Bisha of Naxos explores the best of today’s classical music. Music Appreciation Music Appreciation Instruction ~ MUS 110: Music Appreciation Classroom lectures by Timothy R. Haley from the Sandhills Community College

Podcast Examples::

Podcast Examples: Music Business The Business Side of Music Podcast ~ http://www.page2radio.com/ A series geared towards empowering all musicians to understand the music business Music Clinicians Dr. Frankel’s Podcast ~ http://fams.podomatic.com/ Dr. Jim Frankel makes podcasts from almost every clinic that he gives

Podcast Examples: :

Podcast Examples: Music Education Music Education Podcast ~ Music Teacher’s 911 http://musicteachers911.com A podcast series to assist music educators in their teaching and performing ensembles Music Education What Music Means to Me ~ http://whatmusicmeans.mypodcast.com/ Dr. Scott Watson, music composer and educator, shares his thoughts on music and living

Podcast Examples :

Podcast Examples Music Interviews NPR Music Interviews ~ http://www.npr.org/sections/music-interviews/ NPR’s musician interviews from “All Things Considered” Music Pedagogy The Orff Site Show ~ http://orffsite.podomatic.com/ Podcasts centering around teaching the Orff-Schulwerk approach

Podcast Examples:

Podcast Examples Music Technology in Education MusicTechForMe ~ http://musictechforme.com A look into the latest technology related products and resources for music educators Music Therapy Music Therapy Round Table ~ http://www.musictherapyroundtable.com/ A connection to current music therapy ideas and discussions

Podcast Examples:

Podcast Examples Press and News Drum Corps International Field Pass ~ http://www.dci.org/media/fieldpass An insider’s look at Marching Music’s Major League Video Podcasts Vic Firth Drumset Video Podcast http://www.vicfirth.com/podcasts/ Some of the best drumming and percussioncontent available online!

Exploring iTunes to Find Podcasts:

Exploring iTunes to Find Podcasts

iTunes “U” (University):

iTunes “U” (University)

Using The iPad With Video Podcasts:

Using The iPad With Video Podcasts The iPad provides great functionality for exploring, viewing, and presenting a Video Podcast.

Using Skype For Podcasts:

Using Skype For Podcasts Skype makes it very easy to have a co-host or provide avenues for interviewing different people for a podcast. Programs like Pamela make is very simple to record any Skype Conversation and use it as for podcasting purposes.

A “Talk-Through” of the MusicTechForMe Podcast:

A “Talk-Through” of the MusicTechForMe Podcast

CinchCast and SoundCloud :

CinchCast and SoundCloud A new evolution of Micro-blogging, just with audio instead of text… Micro-podding. Cinch and Soundcloud allow you to record audio and share them easily through social networks or in activity “streams” .

The “Wrap” …:

The “Wrap” … This PowerPoint and clickable links will be availabe at http://mustech.net this weekend Follow Keith Mason online at http://musictechforme.com Follow Joseph Pisano online at http://mustech.net ~ Follow them both on Twitter:@keithmason and @pisanojm

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