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My presentation from the October 11th, 2010 METOS summit.


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Personal/Professional Learning Networks for Music Educators and Online Professional Development : 

Personal/Professional Learning Networks for Music Educators and Online Professional Development …Ongoing 21st Century Skills Acquisition Joseph M. Pisano Ph.D.

What is a PLN? : 

Dr. Joseph Pisano ~ What is a PLN? PLNs are not new… In today’s “speak”, a PLN is either a Personal Learning Network or a Professional Learning Network Typically, a Personal Learning Network is made up of many people, but is centered around you and managed by you… Typically, a Professional Learning Network is made up of many people, but is focused on particular subject matter and managed by all involved or a select group of people… Additionally, you may come across a number of related “PLN” terms….

Related PLN Terms: : 

Dr. Joseph Pisano ~ Related PLN Terms: GLN –Global Learning Network PLE –Personal Learning Environment PLE –Professional Learning Environment PLC –Personal/Professional Learning Communities SM –Social Media SN –Social Networks PTE –Personal/Professional Teaching Environments Got it? 

Social Learning Networks : 

Dr. Joseph Pisano ~ Social Learning Networks As stated, PLNs are not a “new thing”. All people already have some-type of social learning network that they “tap-in” to –including you: Your family, your friends, your inner-circle friends, your BFFs, your colleagues, etc. –These connections are your traditional “Social Learning Network”… So, why are we talking about this now? What’s new? Because, PLNs have taken on a new “face” with the possibilities brought about by the combination of the Internet, Broadband and Information Syndication. The term “PLN” is now associated with digital types of learning networks that are happening “online” and are “virtual”.

What is the Function of a PLN? : 

Dr. Joseph Pisano ~ What is the Function of a PLN? In the context of a Professional Learning Network, the function is simply to extend learning or “education”. Today’s PLNs are bidirectional with regard to a “non-linear” educational process… the concepts of “teacher” and “student” become intertwined… peers, learners, and mentors become mixed in a wholly collaborative environment where “roles” are changed frequently. In an Web-based PLN, the overall process will include: Connecting, Sharing, Collaborating (Teaching and Learning), Creating, and finally -starting the process all over again with NEW or more INFORMED information.

The Music Education Professional Learning Network- an Example of a PLN ( : 

Dr. Joseph Pisano ~ The Music Education Professional Learning Network- an Example of a PLN ( Activity Streams Groups Forums Integration with other sites Goodreads (book reviews) Integration with other Social Networks: Twitter Facebook YouTube Flickr RSS Feeds, e-mail notifications, and printable materials Professional Development (PD) and Digital Mentorship is available “24/7” all year long!

Social Media Isn’t Just For “Babbling” About Unimportant Things Anymore! : 

Dr. Joseph Pisano ~ Social Media Isn’t Just For “Babbling” About Unimportant Things Anymore! Teachers are finally tapping into the “educational capital” that exists by using and implementing various forms of Online Social Networks. Social Media, used properly and with an “end-goal in mind”, is the ultimate “targeted” information highway… just make sure you take the correct “on-ramps” via established practices such as using “hashtags” and understanding the “lingo”. When we first looked at using Twitter (Facebook or Google Buzz)… we all thought… (Insert what you thought about it then or, for some of you, now…) Is Social Media Here to Stay? Yes! Let’s take a peak at some of the facts and numbers…

Socialnomics – Yep, It’s a Word! : 

Dr. Joseph Pisano ~ Socialnomics – Yep, It’s a Word! Gary Hayes’ Social Media Counter –based on real-time research. ~ Find out more about it here: Social/mobile – 2 million iPads sold in first 2 months in June 2010 ~Guardian Social – One new member of LinkedIn every second in June 2010 ~MktCharts YouTube - 1Billion watched per day in Dec 2009 ~SMH 1.4 billion music tracks sold on iTunes between Sep 09 & Feb 10 ~Wikipedia iTunes tracking 300,000 new twitter users per day in Apr. 2010 ~TechRadar 50 million Tweets per day in Feb. 2010  ~eConsultancy 280 mill iPhone apps per month in Jan. 2010 ~GigaOm Check out more of these types of “socialnomic” facts here:

Social Proof of Social Media’s Staying Power: : 

Dr. Joseph Pisano ~ Social Proof of Social Media’s Staying Power: Check out Gary Hayes’ Social Media Counter. It’s based on curent facts about how fast and often Social Media and Social Networks are producing information:

Educational Uses of Social Media (Twitter) : 

Dr. Joseph Pisano ~ Educational Uses of Social Media (Twitter) Twitter, in particular, has become a binding agent for all types of information exchange on the Internet –especially among “tapped-in” music educators... It’s strengths: Almost universal acceptance as a SM platform HUGE 3rd Party Support 140 Characters (must be succint and consise) It’s weaknesses: 140 Characters (cannot be verbose) Lack of built-in threading (not easy to see whom replied to what) Not designed to be a PLN in-and-of-itself (but through hastags, we are using it that way!) Twitter IS the information SUPER-HIGHWAY of the Internet, especially with regard to finding current-up-to-date information about any particular subject... Again, the issue for most people using it correctly is getting on to it via the right “on-ramp” and off of it via the right “exit”. Understanding hashtags and utilizing “Twitter Lists” are your “guide rails” and “road-signs” in this regard. Four BIG Twitter Hashtags for Music Education: #musiced #musedchat #mpln #edchat Create an Instant Twitter PLN -follow these amazing music educators:

Early Twitter-based Educational Projects: : 

Dr. Joseph Pisano ~ Early Twitter-based Educational Projects: #Edchat Hundreds of people participate every Tuesday #MusEdchat Fairly new, dozens of music educators participate every Monday night at 8:00 PM EDT/12AM GMT An entire spreadsheet of education-based Twitter Chats: Quick guides to using Twitter as a music educator:* *

Web 2.0 Educational PLNs in the “Wild” : 

Dr. Joseph Pisano ~ Web 2.0 Educational PLNs in the “Wild” Classroom 2.0 (Ning) The Educator’s PLN (Ning) Facebook PLN ( Band Director (iSchoolBand) Online Music Education (Thomas West) Music Education PLN (BuddyPress/WordPress)

The Success of PLNs : 

Dr. Joseph Pisano ~ The Success of PLNs Directly dependent upon the users… The PLN lives and dies by participation You have to put something in to get something out They do take time to develop Many times a small PLN is extremely effective IF the users are active Large PLNs, if not active, are nothing more than “badges of honor”… In order for a community to be successful, the community itself must work to build it and act as a community.

21st Century Music Skills for Students… What about Teachers? : 

Dr. Joseph Pisano ~ 21st Century Music Skills for Students… What about Teachers? The Partnership for the integration of 21st Century Skills into k-12 education has released a road-map with regard to what skills students should be learning for success in the 21st Century. A PDF of this document has been released and may be found here: The question? Do teachers have to possess these skills first? You know the answer…

PLNs Can Help With This! : 

Dr. Joseph Pisano ~ PLNs Can Help With This! Collaboration Skill: Demonstrating ability to work effectively with diverse teams Exercising flexibility and willingness to be helpful in making compromises to accomplish common goals Assuming shared responsibility for collaborative work Creativity: Demonstrating originality and inventiveness in work Being open and responsive to new and diverse perspectives Innovation: Developing, implementing, and communication new ideas to others Acting on creative ideas to make a tangible and useful contribution to the domain in which the innovation is occurring

Skills Continued… : 

Dr. Joseph Pisano ~ Skills Continued… Information Literacy Accessing information efficiently and effectively, evaluating information critically and competently, and using information accurately and creatively for the issue or problem “at hand”… Possessing a fundamental understanding of the ethical/legal issues involved with a problem or sourcing of the information… Media Literacy Understanding how media messages are constructed and for what purpose…amd on and on… The goals common to all of these 21st century skills are communication, collaboration, sharing, and the processing of information in different ways in different “lights”… all focused toward how we are doing this within today’s digital environments and with today’s digital tools. For teachers, a PLN is a “gold mine” for discussing and learning these topics and 21st century skills…

Shoring Up Your Own Online/Related Skills… : 

Dr. Joseph Pisano ~ Shoring Up Your Own Online/Related Skills… It’s no longer a matter of “you are going to have to learn these online-related 21st century skills at some point”… it’s a matter of “why haven’t you?” What has stopped you? What is stopping you now? “My students understand this stuff… so they do it for me” is no longer a viable excuse. “Old-school” professional development has been around a long time and has been addressing these “skill deficiencies” for a long time (and will continue to do so for a long time)… many times, teachers have difficulty finding the time or money to attend these types of learning opportunities. With the pervasiveness of online Professional Development technologies such as PLNs and the “targeted” use of Social Media, the opportunity to “reach out” and access this information and the PEOPLE to help you learn it IS/ARE available to you all the time –any time AND often, for FREE.

A Brief Tour of How METOS is Being Used as Online Professional Development… : 

Dr. Joseph Pisano ~ A Brief Tour of How METOS is Being Used as Online Professional Development… WebEx online Webinar Training Inclusion of downloadables at the end of the summit “Virally” being advertised: Twitter, Facebook, Bloggers, etc. Live analysis and content being shared via CoverItLive and Social Networking Sites Archival of “outside” commentary that later can be mined for information FREELY available REPLICATABLE by any organization in the same (or similar) form METOS is REVOLUTIONARY for Music Education!

Find Out More Online and Become Part of My PLN : 

Dr. Joseph Pisano ~ Find Out More Online and Become Part of My PLN Contact me directly via via the contact page or directly on Twitter @pisanojm or by any of my Social Media connections found at I hope to connect with you all online!

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