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ECOVENTURA ITINERARY 1.OCHOA BEACH: A small sandy beach and calm waters. Good place to snorkel 2 & 3 GENOVESA ISLAND: Great place to sea a variety of birds. Wonderful hikes , great snorkeling & kayaking 4 & 5 ISABELA & FERNANDINA ISLANDS: Beautiful landscape, rich water , lots of marine iguanas, marine turtles, and endemic birds. 6 &7 PUERTO EGAS & CHINESE HAT: Two species of Sea Lions, coastal hikes and wonderful snorkel. 8 & 9 BARTOLOME &SEYMOUR: Geological formations, land Iguanas And mating frigate birds. 10 & 11. SANTA CRUZ ISLAND: Giant tortoises day at the wild & at the Darwin Station

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The Highlands Santa Cruz Island Academy Bay Dock Town Darwin Station

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Dry Landing at the Main Dock 8:00 Departure Santa Cruz Island – Port Ayora.

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Tortoise Habitat Santa Cruz Island Port Ayora THE “TWINS”

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Changing Vegetation Zones

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Lava Tunnel

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What to look for… Darwin Finches Endemic Plant Species

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Searching and enjoying Giant Tortoises in their natural habitat Hiking Shoes (mud possibly) and Rain Coat

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Santa Cruz Island Academy Bay Dock Town Darwin Station 2:45 Dry Landing Easy & Outdoors Walk

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Lonesome George

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Diego the Professor

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Santa Cruz Island Academy Bay Main Dock Town Darwin Station

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Ch.D.R.S. Shop National Park Service Shop

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Walk back through town (shopping) 1.5 Kilometer

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Main Peer of Puerto Ayora at 18:00 Back onboard

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06:30 WAKE UP CALL 07:00 BREAKFAST 07:45 DRY LANDING 12:00 LUNCH 14:30 DRY LANDING 16:15 SHOPPING TIME 18:00 BACK ON BOARD 18:45 BRIEFING We are using mainland time, don’t ask to anybody the time in the harbor, they are using the local time, which means 1 hour less

Enjoy your Tortoises day at the Galapagos! : 

Enjoy your Tortoises day at the Galapagos!

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