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Project Members: Anunay Bhatt(35194) Gaurav Pandey(35195) Nitish Jain(35202) Vibhor Mehrotra(35210) DEPARTMENT MANAGEMENT and INFORMATION SYSTEM Project Guide: ASISTANT PROFESSOR Mr. RAJESH SINGH DEPTT. OF INFORMATION TECHNOLGY

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MOTIVATION Our recently established department would require an Information System or maintenance of records in an efficient way Reduction of paperwork thus facilitating the work of administration, staff and students No such department centric project undertaken in the past

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Objective Provision of a single source from where entire department activities can be monitored User friendly Information System Regular updates for Student’s attendance ,Exam Date Sheets, Time Table, Assignments and other Department events can be reflected A platform where anybody could connect to anybody within the department

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Project Topic Department Management and Information System Student ,Faculty and Alumni information Uploading of Assignments, Examination marks, Notes, Research papers and Notifications about Academic schedule Student attendance Uploading videos of various workshops and Guest lectures Displaying Student and Faculty achievements

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Use of project in current Scenario No paperwork Alumni with renowned firms may help with student orientation and placement Efficient utilization of time Regular updates for Faculty and Students Would foster a Conducive environment

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Challenges in Project Designing Assimilation of Data Learning Technologies such as AJAX,XML,JAVASCRIPT Implementation on the Network Security issues Maintenance of Database User friendly interface Successful integration of cross-platform projects

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Methodology Used Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC) , or Software Development Life Cycle

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Expected Outcome Of Project A Central System which caters to all departmental requirements. It would facilitate monitoring of departmental activities by the Head of the Department thus allowing for rectification in case of minor lapses.

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References: for PHP,AJAX,JAVASCRIPT and XML for flash Head First PHP-Kane Benjamin



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