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“Welcome to the world of education with a vision” Presented By:

“Welcome to the world of education with a vision” Presented By LK GUPTA’S Pioneer Education “The only private company to be scrutinized by Ministry of HRD for Teachers Development and Empowerment Program.” R

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Pioneer Education Profile Founded by director Mr.L.K. Gupta on 7th August, 1998 with the sole motto of providing ”Class education instead of Mass education.” The exceptional way of teaching led him to open a coaching institute in 2003, where students were taught mathematics for boards and competitions such as IIT-JEE, AIEEE, NTSE etc. Today the Pioneer Education has expanded into a Pioneer group, by providing exceptional results every year. Hundreds of our students are scholarship holders at national and international level. His spark in mathematics passion couldn’t be hidden and it spreads across the city students and nearby areas like a rapid fire. Under the Pioneer group we have 2 coaching institutes & 2 online portals which are not only producing good results in mathematics but also in science and English. Students are given training for boards and various competition exams. 1 2 3 4 5

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What is Pioneer Mahematics works on principle of:- ”Always be a master one,than being a jack of all” ,the only site in India that focus only on single subject completly rather than on all subjects partially. Founded on 15th May, 2006 it is a platform which defines that how the cutting edge technology of internet can be used as a widely spread tool to expand in every corner of country and globe. This is the only site in the country that provides training for RMO,INMO & IMO with solved INMO & IMO Paper . is 1 st Private company in the history of India which is selected by the Ministry of HRD for Development & empowerment of Mathematics teachers of Northern India as pilot project. Now pioneer is the “master of Masters” 1 2 3 4 As said Mathematics is 99% common sense and 1% syllabus .So, Pioneer focus on increasing intellect of a child by making him believe in his own common sense. For that we have Funnamatics(I.Q sharpener), Sawaal Jawaab(Genius discussions), Vedic Mathematics (Beating Calculator Speed), Mathematics Project etc. o 5

Class Education Vs. Mass Education:

Class Education Vs. Mass Education

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National & Regional Acclaim of Principal ’ s & PGT ’ s Workshop at Chandigarh Principal’s workshop for their teachers at R.O. (Regional office KVS, Chandigarh) Doing national anthem…..

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North India Principal’s Conference at Chandigarh {Himachal Pradesh , Punjab ,Haryana , J&K ,U.P}

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Resource Person of Mathematics of ALL INDIA at ZIET (Zonal Institute of Education & Training)

Seminar at AKSIPS, Sector- 41, Chandigarh:

Seminar at AKSIPS, Sector- 41, Chandigarh

Seminar at St. Peter’s school, Chandigarh:

Seminar at St. Peter’s school, Chandigarh

Seminar at St. Anne’s School, Chandigarh:

Seminar at St. Anne’s School, Chandigarh

Seminar at Lawrence Public School, Mohali:

Seminar at Lawrence Public School, Mohali

Seminar at Gyan Jyoti School ,Mohali:

Seminar at Gyan Jyoti School ,Mohali

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Seminar of Punjab School Education Boards’ State & National Awardee Teachers District Education Officer Patiala (700 Schools Under him) X-Vice chancellor of Panjabi university National & state Awarded Teachers

Value Based Education:

Value Based Education Ability Willingness Result Yes No Average No Yes Below Average No No Inferior Yes Yes Success

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NCERT Reference Books ( R D Sharma , R S Aggarwal, S. Chand, Wren Martin) NCERT Exemplar Pioneer’s Exclusive Methodology Vedic Mathematics IQ Sharpener Brain Health Science Practical & Projects Vocabulary & Spoken Habits Teaching Pattern

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Vedic Mathematics {IBM & other MNCs have made it Compulsory} Squaring of number: 97 is 3 away from 100. So subtract 3 from 97, get 94 (first part of answer). And by squaring same 3, get 09 (last part of the answer). 97 2 = 9409 How????? 97 = 100 – 3 97 – 3 = 94, 3 2 = 09 97 2 = 9409 To find square of number with 5 as last digit. Solution: 95 2 = 9025 How ????? 9  10 = 90 95 2 = 9025 Last 2 digits will always be 25 (Last part of the answer) in this case. Just multiply 9 by 10 (9+1 i.e. next digit to 9 in this case) to get 90 (First part of answer)

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Solve 777  999 = 776, 223 How????? 777 – 1 = 776 999–776 = 223 Vedic Mathematics {IBM & other MNCs have made it Compulsory} Multiplication with digits containing 9 ’ s. The multiplicand has to be reduced by 1 to obtain L.H.S. of the answer and R.H.S. is mechanically obtained by the subtraction of L.H.S. from the multiplier. Multiplication where first figure is same & sum of last digits is 10. Both numbers here start with 4 and the last figures (2 and 8) add up to 10. Just multiply 4 by 5 (4+1 i.e. next digit to 4 in this case) to get 20 for the first part of the answer. And we multiply the last figures: 2 x 8 = 16 to get the last part of the answer.

I.Q. Sharpeners:

I.Q. Sharpeners Ques.1 . A number of bacteria are placed in a glass. One second later each bacterium divides in two, the next second each of the resulting bacteria divides in two again, etc. After one minute the glass is full. When was the glass half full? Ques.2. Jack tore out several successive pages from a book. The number of the first page he tore out was 183, and it is known that the number of the last page is written with the same digits in some order. How many pages did jack tear out of the book? Ques.3. A caterpillar crawls up a pole 75 inches high, starting from the ground. Each day it crawls up 5 inches, and each night it slides down 4 inches, When will it first reach the top of the pole? Ques.4. In a certain year there were exactly four Fridays and exactly four Mondays in January. On what day of the week did the 20th of January fall that year. Ques.5. How many boxes are crossed by a diagonal in a rectangular table formed by 199 × 991 small squares?

Brain Health Performance:

Brain Health Performance

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