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Looking to explore the beautiful city of Osaka by private vehicle? Book Osaka private tour:


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Osaka private tour:

Osaka private tour Osaka's Best And Brightest

Shitennoji - first Buddhist temple in Japan:

Shitennoji - first Buddhist temple in Japan 2 Shitennoji was built in AD 593 and was the first state-funded temple in the country after Buddhism was brought into Japan from China.

Explore Shin-sekai:

Explore Shin- sekai 3 Shin- Sekai is one of Osaka's most interesting neighbourhoods. This area has remained largely untouched over the years . The neighbourhood was created in 1912 with New York as a model for its southern half and Paris for its northern half. 

Osaka Castle :

Osaka Castle 4 Osaka Castle is the shining jewel among the city’s tourist attractions. One of the most historically significant sites in Japan, the castle was originally constructed in the late 1500s by Toyotomi Hideyoshi .

Visit Harukas:

Visit Harukas 5 Towering 300 meters over Osaka, Harukas is Japan’s tallest building and one of Osaka’s newest tourist attractions. It’s a symbol of the revitalized Tennoji area and worth a visit

Eat the Freshest Seafood in Osaka:

6 Eat the Freshest Seafood in Osaka Kuromon Ichiba is well known for having the freshest ingredients and is the main spot for chefs to shop for their restaurants. If you like seafood, don’t pass up the chance to have fresh-from-the-ocean fish and shellfish grilled right in front of you at one of the fish shops in the shopping arcade.

Osaka Private Tour Osaka's Best and Brightest by Private Vehicle:

Osaka Private Tour Osaka's Best and Brightest by Private Vehicle Contact: Phone: Email: Book Now Website: +81 7048058402 https://

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