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Social Media Marketing :

Social Media Marketing


WHAT IS SMM ?? Social media marketing is called in which we use social media to sell our product or service, or give information about our product or service to people, it is called social media marketing.

Social Media Marketing Goals :

Social Media Marketing Goals 1) - Increase traffic to your website by posting on social media . 2) - By social media you can talk to your website category or other people by friendship . 3) - Increases your Brand Awareness through social media and many people have information about you.

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4) - You will have a different identity through social media which will work as your Brand Identity . 5) - You can interact with your selected audience through social media . 6) - Your brand value will also have a good effect on social media.

What all comes under Social Media Marketing?:

What all comes under Social Media Marketing? Facebook . Instagram . Twitter. Pinterest . Linkedin . YouTube…

Social Media Marketing Tips :

Social Media Marketing Tips 1)- Content Planning for social media 2)- Brand Image 3)- Share link other Website 4)- Content Promotion 5)- Tracking Competitors

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