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New Trends of Ear Piercing

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• Ear piercings are presumably the most widely recognized sort of piercing particularly including the earring. • Besides the earring the ear offers a ton of approaches to get pierced. That is the reason Piercing Mania made a short rundown of the main ten ear piercings.

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• The Helix piercing is together with the Tragus piercing the most well-known ear piercing. Together they have turned out to be genuine images among the ear piercings. • The helix piercing is frequently set different circumstances. By getting at least two specifically over each other youll rapidly get the look of a full ear. Helix piercing

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• The Rook piercing is firmly identified with the Daith and the Snug piercing. Its set on the edge in the shell of the ear. • The Rook is set on inward shell from the external shell. The Rook is now and again seen to give more of a sting when put in light of the fact that the cartilage is somewhat harder. Rook piercing

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• The Daith piercing looks a considerable measure like the Rook piercing and the Anti-helix however its put marginally lower. • The distinction with the counter helix is that its set a bit lower and nog longer experiences the external edge of the ear. • You wear these piercings in a Daith piercing: • Tragus piercing • Round barbell • Ball conclusion ring Daith piercing

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• The snug piercing only differs a bit from the anti- tragus. It’s placed a bit higher and a bit more outwards. Just like a Rook piercing it goes through the ledge separating the outer and inner ear shells. • A snug piercing can handle the following piercings: • Tragus piercing • Labret piercing • Circular barbell • Ball closure ring Snug piercing

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