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Wedding Shenanigans ‘Modern Indian Wedding’ Wedding ​is a life-long journey that thrives on passion builds on love and is carried forward with integrity trust and respect. Every individual has a dream a dream to begin their beautiful journey of ‘happily ever after’ in the most surreal and mesmerizing way. Marriage is meant to keep two loving hearts ‘synchronically’ forever. The greatest happiness of life is when you can start a journey of lifetime with your favorite partner – vow on love respect patience and faithfulness. Wedding day is a lifetime decision that has to be taken prudently every aspect related to marriage is sacred and closed to a person’s heart. While planning for a ​ wedding day ​ thousand thoughts evokes in an individual’s mind for how they can make their special day spectacular and eventful. Wedding day has to be planned impeccably and effortlessly to make it an unforgettable event. Wedding day holds thousands of detail oriented facets which have to be probed precisely to ensure everything runs smoothly the artistic collaboration of right wedding planners can bring your special occasion to life. Indian Weddings are inundated in traditional way which involves various important aspects such as style-decoration theme of the party embellishment and tapestries. Wedding day revolves around various substantial aspects such as booking the correct destination/ venue deciding and nitpicking out of various alternatives has to be done proficiently to get the finest outcome. Indian weddings celebrate not just the union of two individuals they also celebrate the joining of two extended culture and families. A contemporary Indian- infused wedding will require a bespoke creative artistic vision to bring your fairytale into existence. A detailed service that revolves around all the exceptional elements in your wedding day has to be chosen meticulously including the wedding canopy mandap interwoven with dazzling decoration of flowers the

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scintillating lights all these aspects help to create a spectacular vision and make your celebrated occasion an unforgettable experience. Wedding day holds considerable retentiveness in a person’s mind which can be done by the finest candid wedding photographers Picture coast visualizes moments which can be marvelously turned into reality. Picture coast proficiently captures the depth of feeling for which they are the ​best photographers in Bangalore ​ they can connect attune with people anticipating amp capturing moments of connection with friends and family. Picture coast captures subtlety of the moment with their unique style their artistic techniques woven seamlessly into honest story telling for which they are the best Pre wedding Photographers in Bangalore. The spontaneity and fun of the moment can be seamlessly captured by picture-coast they thoroughly observe and freeze-frame the moment through their creative style for which they are the best Wedding Photographers in Coimbatore and Bangalore. Picture coast scrutinizes all the minute details which help them to capture raw- real moments just as they happen. They capture poignant soulful emotive moments of happiness laughter and tears. Picture coast is full of character warm and creative for which the best wedding Photographers in Bangalore. For More Details : ​

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