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Web Traffic through Content Writing ● Content has become the single most important element for the success of your website. ● Earlier the developers of website were more inclined towards the design but with time they have understood that content can either make or destroy their website. ● The relevant and informative content on your website can bring maximum web traffic and make your site a big hit. Introduction

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Web Traffic through Content Writing Alignment of Tone – Target Audience and You ● Here we describe “tone” as a quality of writing that adds strength to your content and relevant to your prospective client. ● Many writers ignore these elements but these are the main ingredients that add flavor to your writing. ● The purpose of writing is to give your audience a wake-up call — to inspire them it will act as a “Call to Action”. ● As a golden rule goes don’t use a professional or formal tone in your blog posts.

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Web Traffic through Content Writing Leveraging Sharing Third Party Content ● Third-party content is the kind of content that you find on industry blogs online publications videos online courses ebooks etc. ● The content doesn’t primarily come from you so it is very important to know how you use it. ● You have to go a step ahead and showcase results from experiments analysis projects etc. ● You could do a video create a Slideshare presentation record a podcast write the article and turn it into an ebook that you could use to build your email list.

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Web Traffic through Content Writing Visualise and Focus on Individual ● You need to visualize one person as the “targeted reader” for your content. ● That one person then stands in for the rest of your readers. ● Writing to one person at a time is one quick way to make your voice reach to each and everyone reading your content. ● Content written this way engages the audience better since each person will read it and feel a personal connection. ● When it comes to blog writing you need to integrate certain words that personalize the experience for readers.

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Web Traffic through Content Writing Incorporate user feedback into your Content ● Content of that content enable us to gain deep insights into what our customers expect from us. ● One of the most important characteristics of compelling and persuasive content is relevance. ● Is your content relevant to the right group of people ● User feedback shows your audience’s reactions suggestions and worldviews. ● This is vital because everyone has a worldview — you just have to give them your attention.

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Web Traffic through Content Writing Visual assests will shoot up contents perceived value ● Top social media networks such as Pinterest and Instagram thrive because the primary form of content that can be uploaded shared and distributed is visual. ● Videos alone will drive engagement but when you embed the video in your post or share it on Facebook you’ll likely triple its reach. ● As visual information infographics can help you acquire more organic traffic and clients.

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