The Advantages of Using Racking Systems

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Whether you own a small office or large storage facility a storage system is vital.


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The Advantages of Using Racking Systems:

The Advantages of Using Racking Systems Whether you own a small office or large storage facility a storage system is vital. There is nothing worse than trying store all of your items in a cupboard which doesn't fit or doesn't maximise the storage space. Racking does not need to necessarily be basic shelves of a fixed size. It can be made to your dimensions to fit anything that you require. The system could be shelving, drawers or a form of cabinet .


Racking can be created in a variety of ways for shelving. Shelves can be just one whole layer, or divided up into sections. Shelving These can be built to fit a certain surface area or wall. Many companies provide a custom build service but can be more expensive than standard racks. This shelving can be mobile to accommodate library books for example. Many shelves can be pushed together and open out, so there is always one aisle visible.

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Alternatively the shelves can be in front of one another and slide sideways to reveal the shelving behind. These shelves can be adjustable so they can be changed according to what is stored at the time.


Special filing cabinets can be created to hold so many files and slide in and out form behind one another like the shelving. Cabinets Alternatively drawers can be integrated into the design. These can be metal cabinets or wooden/plastic doors can be integrated to cover up the files. These can be sliding to save even more room. Many accountants have racks where files are hanging and can store hundreds of hanging files.


Cupboards can have a variety of designs including tambour doors, sliding doors, double standard doors or drawers Cupboards These systems can be designed to hold anything you want including hot desks, coats, files and various objects . These can be still classed as racking systems if custom made to your space. Racking systems will keep your contents safe and well organised.

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