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We are phoenix metal established in 1981 located in Welshpool, we are a manufacturer of a wide range of components for the building industry in Western Australia. We offer services for all your steel needs. We have collection of components and we customize our products as per our clients need as well.


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What Is Turret Punching:

Turret Punching is a process in which we make holes of a metal sheet as we desire. A turret puncher is used to perform punching to a sheet that can be of metal or plastic. Turret punching process does not require heat so the process is a cold work process. The material properties remain the same as they are not exposed to heat during the process. The machines used are quite expensive. What Is Turret Punching

About The Process:

“In the process of Turret Punching sheet metal is clamped into the machine on the table and the machines is programmed so it moves the sheet as it requires. The machine manages the correct shape and size of the hole that is required and selected on the turret machine . This process is good for mass production.” About The Process

Variety Of Materials Supported:

Supported Sheet Metals Brass Bronze Copper Monel Plastic Aluminum Galvanized Steel Carbon Steel Stainless Steel Variety Of Materials Supported


The process is fast and has high accuracy with work no matter how many times it is getting used. It takes less time than the manual punching machine. The turret machine has automated loading systems, allowing for continuous operation and can handle up to 1200 hits per minute. The machine has the capability to work on all kinds of metals. Benefits


This is a huge machine so it requires large space. It cannot push sheet metals with a thickness of 6mm or more. The turret punching machine is a quite expensive machine. Warping may occur if many holes are punched or much material is removed from the sheet Drawbacks


Our Address:   99-105 McDowell St Welshpool WA 6106 Call Us : 08 9458 1188 Email : Website : / CONTACT US

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