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‘What would “I” Do?’ VOL. 1:

‘What would “I” Do?’ VOL. 1 By Matthew Hageman

Getting to know my ethics:

Getting to know my ethics Ethical

Getting to know my ethics (cont.):

Getting to know my ethics (cont.) Unethical

Problem number 7:

Problem number 7 You have just completed a grueling 10-day business trip calling on two dozen accounts up and down the West Coast. There were even business meetings combined with social events late into the night and on the weekends. On the flight back home at the end of this marathon, you are tired and feeling as if you have not seen your family for a month. As you work on completing your expense report, you say to yourself, “The company does not pay me enough for the work that I do.” For more than a few moments, you think about padding your expense report to make up for all the extra hours and time away from your family. Would it be okay to add “extra expenses” to compensate for the hardship of the trip?

Develop a problem statement:

Develop a problem statement Why am I working long hours, missing my family, and not getting enough rest for the compensation I am currently receiving? 10 day business trip Added several new accounts Made my company money Missed my family Sleep was sparse Long hours

Identify alternatives:

Identify alternatives Talk to co-workers about their likes and dislikes with travel Consult my wife as a sounding board Browse eBay and GOAT for my sneaker fix Watch kitten videos on YouTube Order adult beverages

Evaluate and choose alternative:

Evaluate and choose alternative Pad E xpense R eport? Lose job Get away with it and feel miserable Get caught and keep job only to be ousted for promotion Be honest and fill out correct information on Expense Report? Remain true to character Practice patience Receive promotion due to diligence and effort

Implement decision:

Implement decision Morally, I am bound to do the ”right” thing Fill out the Expense Report correctly Reap rewards of honesty OR receive no praise, but know I have stuck to my internal moral compass Come home to my family with a clear conscious Still be able to watch cat videos and drive my car Play with my children and force them to watch cat videos with me.

Evaluate results:

Evaluate results Success is not measured in tangible things. Sometimes it is simply the joy of returning home. But I did receive a raise for the hard work, long hours, and time invested. SCORE!

Pause for effect:

Pause for effect

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