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Phil Jones is an award-winning international speaker, author, and trainer, who has worked in over 20 countries across 5 continents. He is consistently recognised as an authority of sales psychology and negotiation.


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Selling Skills Training by Phil Jones:

Selling Skills Training by Phil Jones Effective Sales Techniques & Tips

Sales Techniques Tips:

Sales Techniques Tips

Phil Gives you Unique Ideas:

Phil Gives you Unique Ideas Are you looking for new customers and more new businesses? How to Build your Prospect list with FRIENDS A best international speaker provides great unique ideas, motivation and inspiration speech to your business development & management team. With the implementation of such techniques wisely one salesperson can easily convince a customer and can make the sales happen.

7 Most Common Business Mistakes:

7 Most Common Business Mistakes For me the true reasons for underachievement are either a lack of skill or simply missing the fundamental basics. As such this article is not taking you back to basics but forward to basics, in order for you to maximize your success in the sales process... 7 Most Common Business Mistakes:

Top 10 mistakes you make when writing about yourself :

Top 10 mistakes you make when writing about yourself

Teaching the World to Sell:

Teaching the World to Sell

Project Consultancy :

Project Consultancy Phil’s experience means opportunities like business growth and change management are simply a way of life. If you have a change that you want to make in your business then you may just find that a day with Phil delivers you just the direction you need. The thing is, you are probably not sure exactly how we can help. Thats why you are reading this page. Drop us a call and arrange a short chat with Phil and you could soon have the solution you desire.

Contact - Philmjones International:

Contact - Philmjones International See Also UK Contact Details Address - London W11 2SU, UK Phone - 44 152 753 1393 Mail id - Website - US Contact Details • Phone: +1 (310) 601-7868

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