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The decision to use Cambridge Life Solutions to help settle your unsecured debt is quite simple. Our management team holds collectively over 25 years experience in the field of finance and credit card debt.

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Through sound advice & education we can offer our consumer the much needed relief they need. High interest & daily compounding debt can cause overwhelming stress & burden not only financially but emotionally & physically as well.

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- I am over the limit on my credit cards. - I can barely afford the minimum payments. - My late fees and interest rates are so high I can not pay down the principal on my debt. - I am constantly being harassed by my creditors at my home or work. - I am avoiding answering my phone. - I am hiding the bills from my loved ones. - My bank or any other lender will not give me a consolidation loan to help. - I’ve been using my savings &/or retirement money to pay my unsecured debt. - My income has been drastically reduced. Our mission is to help any of the following consumers that can relate to the following issues below:

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What are some of your DEBT OPTIONS? 1. You can choose to do nothing at all . A.) Our average consumer has interest rates over 18% interest which means it typically will take you decades to pay off your debt if you are only paying your minimum payments. B.) If you have $15,000 in credit card debt and if those creditors are charging you 19% interest or more it will take you 48 Years 11 Months making only minimum payments! Imagine how long $20K, $30K, $40K, $50K and over will take you. There’s a strong possibility the debt can outlive you. C.) You may be able to ignore your creditors for some time; however understand creditors can pursue legal action for non payment through wage garnishments or by putting a lien against your home.

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What are some of your DEBT OPTIONS? 2. You can File for Bankruptcy A.) Your income is a major factor when filing for bankruptcy (bk). If your income is higher than the government allows you typically will not qualify. B.) BK is public record and will reflect on your credit report up to 10 years. C.) Filing BK can affect your ability to get a job at certain employers or to receive promotions in certain fields. D.) This program is considered the very last resort and your complete inability to pay back anything to your creditors. E.) There are much less lending programs available for a consumer who files for bk compared to other who do not.

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What are some of your DEBT OPTIONS? 3. You can do Credit Counseling. A.) These programs are labeled as “non-profit” but they still charge fees. B.) These programs typically take over 3 – 7 years complete. C.) You are paying back ALL your debt just at a lower interest rate. D.) This program has a very low completion rate. E.) All your creditors must agree to lowering their rates, most often not all your creditors will. Clients typically get stuck paying multiple payments per month – when there goal was to pay 1 payment per month. F.) These programs are often sponsored by the credit card companies, the same people who charge people in hardship 19, 22, 32% interest rates!!!

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What are some of your DEBT OPTIONS? 4. You can get a Consolidation Loan. A.) These loans are determined by your credit rating and/or the amount of equity you have in the collateral you own (such as your car or home). If the collateral you have has no equity or your credit score is too low; most likely you will not be approved for these loans or the interest rate associated will be quite high. B.) Many people use there home as collateral. They take their unsecured credit card debt and now securitize the debt with their property. They save money by getting a lower interest rate however their mortgage payment increases. If an unseen emergency happens, such as loss of job, medical issues, etc. and you can not afford the larger mortgage payment you risk possibly losing your home.

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What are some of your DEBT OPTIONS? 5. THE DEBT SETTLEMENT PROGRAM A.) Clients typically receive settlement offers of 50% of more!* (*this is based on past experience and the company’s historical data. Individual results can vary). B.) The average program ranges from 12 – 36 months. You determine the length of your program based on the monthly payment you can afford. C.) This program is becoming one of the most popular methods of eliminating unsecured debt because many people are unable to refinance their home or have the ability to get other forms of loans. D.) Cambridge negotiates with your creditors on the principal balances you enrolled in the program. E.) The fees associated with this program are included in your monthly payment plan.

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Types of Debts you can enroll in the program: Unsecured Credit Cards. Unsecured Personal Loans. Medical Bills. Collection Bills. Invoices remaining from repossessed property. Store/Retail Credit Cards.

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Types of Debts you can NOT enroll in the program: Home Loans or Mortgages. Child Support / Wage Garnishments. Alimony. Utility Bills. Auto/Vehicle Loans Student Loans

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Call Cambridge Life Solutions for your free no obligation consultation: Call 877 – 473 – 8008 or Visit our website:

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