6 steps to help a loved one quit smokeless tobacco

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6 steps to help a loved one quit smokeless tobacco If you have a relative who is a young baseball player, he is surrounded by peers who probably use smokeless tobacco. How can you take action to combat this? We know quitting tobacco (smoking and smokeless) is not easy.


other smoking cessation experts recommend some of the following tips: Resist the temptation to nag, plead, bribe or threaten them. Instead, tell them why it’s important to you that they quit. Be brief. If they are not receptive, try again another time. If someone you care about says that he or she is ready to quit, is trying to quit, or has recently quit, tell them how proud you are and offer your support. Remember that quitting is tough.


Nicotine withdrawal causes unpleasant symptoms, so the person may be tense, irritable or even sad for a time. Be sympathetic. Remind them that the withdrawal symptoms will eventually go away and that they are already becoming healthier. Offer to go for walk with them or do other activities that will help keep them distracted. Encourage them to eat healthy foods, drink plenty of water and juices, and get enough rest.


Help the new nonsmoker avoid places where other people are smoking or places or activities they connect with smoking. If they relapse, encourage them to get back on track and move on. Let the person know that there are sources of support, such as their state tobacco quit line


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