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Welcome On behalf of the Edmonds and Shortlands families.

Far and wide Daves:

Far and wide Daves Dave and Trudy from Sydney, Jo and Dave from Singapore, David and Many from California, Dave and Marie from New york Steve and Sophie fro Ibiza

Honoured guests & lucky:

Honoured guests & lucky Many more who could not be here so we are indeed to the honoured guests

Life’s a funny thing:

Life’s a funny thing 2 years ago….. Then in December last year Christine said…..

bright, articulate, sensitive, creative, gregarious:

bright, articulate, sensitive, creative, gregarious and is very good company. She has an infectious enthusiasm for life Not surprisingly she has a large circle of friends

Storyteller Air China:

Storyteller Air China Career She has built a successful career for herself since University, first with David and Eric at Misan importers of high quality Italian fabric for the fashion business, and subsequently with Karen Millen and Coast, where she is now the fabric buyer

Gregarious and artistic:

Gregarious and artistic Ali showed she was both gregarious and artistic from an early age. On holiday in Greece, age 18 months she went round the taverna next to the hotel where we were staying saying hello and generally charming the other hotel guests. When Ali was 4and a half We moved from London to Haywards Heath and we didn ’ t really know anyone locally. Ali had a solution she said 杜u m couldn ’ t we just knock on people ’ s doors? She did not always find it so easy though.

Sat on a wall:

Sat on a wall Things soon moved on But things soon moved on and between dancing classes, neighbours kids and school she soon had lots of friends

Jack born: Ali showed her love of art:

Jack born: Ali showed her love of art was an occasion. . She has continued to delight in her artistic efforts and produced some fantastic work at Brighton and Loughborough.

Now a little story about independent Ali . :

Now a little story about independent Ali . Train to Crawley.

Welcome Sam:

Welcome Sam Sam born to meet people


Chessington Ali Lucky Glass half full

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