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Law and order have emerged out from an inter-related concept of crime and law. It has undergone many amendments based on the demand of the time.


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Defense of an Accused by Best Criminal Defense Attorney Law and order have emerged out from an inter- related concept of crime and law. It has undergone many amendments based on the demand of the time. The concepts of crime and law are related and have originated long ago. Out of this has emerged a variety of legal systems and judicial forms that necessitate the existence of lawyers be it a criminal defence lawyer or others such as a family lawyer. Lawyers are trained professional class concerned with the study and practice of law and a criminal defense attorney deals with law that concerns crime. A criminal defense attorney defends those who have been accused of a criminal offence. They prepare a case in an attempt to protect their clients civil liberties and have them declared not guilty. The criminal defense lawyer will try to have the sentence given be as light as possible if the accused is guilty. The role of the criminal defense attorney is to act as a mediator in disputes involving harm or other criminal acts. Under the Western influence emerged the concept of the nation- state which pairs nationalist feelings of patriotism with the form of the state. The Revolutions of 1848 throughout Europe led to popularisation of liberal democracy and the court systems we see today. Emai Us:

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Through this process of nationalism nations developed their own particular legal systems that have the same origin but exhibit a wide range of variation that depend largely on the culture from which they derive. However in cultures that allow people to defend themselves in a criminal court a lawyer is absolutely necessary. TOP SINGAPORE LAW FIRM HOUSES BEST OF SUCH LAWYERS. The presentation of documents and verbal discussions in the court had to be coordinated in a hierarchical fashion. This further necessitated the existence of courts and judges. Courts serve as the official meeting places for lawyers as well as opportunities for judges to decide cases. Some cases are decided by judges but most criminal cases are decided by the jury whom the criminal defense lawyer must convince their client is innocent. In modern legal systems lawyers are under the authority of judges who in turn are answerable to the state however lawyers also have a larger role because people are even allowed to defend themselves in court. A defendant can defend him or herself with legal representation. In a criminal court a lawyer can prosecute or defend individuals or groups while the interpretation and enforcement of laws. Such minute aspects of law courts are best known by the reputed and highly experienced lawyers of top Singapore law firm. Address: 25 North Bridge Road 03-02 EFG Bank Building Singapore 179104 Tel: +65 6337 0469 Fax: +65 6337 0463 Emai Us: After Hours Number: +65 9725 4455

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