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When you look up, you see the colorful display panels designed to get people’s attention among the dozens of trade show booths, and when you look down, you see all manners of freebies on the tables.


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Give Your Business a Competitive Edge with Eye-Catching Trade Show Booths When you are just launching a business or even when you are just a customer few things are more exciting than a trade show. It is a thrill to walk into a spacious exhibition hall filled with people having hundreds of conversations about hundreds of products and possibilities. When you look up you see the colorful display panels designed to get people’s attention among the dozens of trade show booths and when you look down you see all manners of freebies on the tables. Inevitably someone will comment that they first time they went to a trade show the only freebies available at trade show booths were ballpoint pens and perhaps the occasional keychain but now there are refrigerator magnets baseball caps mouse pads and even fidget spinners displaying the logos of your product and all your competitors’ products. Yes it is true that while the fun of trade shows never gets old ultimately you are there to gain a competitive edge in your industry. How Displays 2 Go Can Help Your Business Displays 2 Go designs and builds eye- catching display items for trade show booths but the real difference that we make is not just that we make your display booth more visually appealing it is how much work our products can save you when you are setting up your display or taking it down. Your memories of previous trade shows in which you have displayed your products probably center around how much fun

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you had how many professional connections you made and how much you boosted your business but if you think a little harder about it you will probably remember how little rest you had in the days leading up to the trade show and how much work it was to set up your display and to dismantle it on time at the end of the trade show. We at Displays 2 Go know that setting up trade show booths is a lot of work and that the materials used in the booths can be heavy and unwieldy so we set out to solve that problem. All of our display booth materials from our demonstration tables and display panels to our plinths pop-up displays partition panels and lecterns are lightweight and easily collapsible. What Is Special About Our Display Panels Our display panels have Velcro on both sides. That means that you never have to worry about stapling or pinning any of your materials to them. Your posters will have a smooth professional look and if you happen to hang them crooked it will only take seconds to readjust them there is no hassle about trying to get the nails or pins in the right place. You can choose between two different models of display panels both very portable and easy to assemble. The Cario system is a pole and clip system where you insert as many Velcro panels as you need into a lightweight framework of poles. The Panel 2 Go system has the Velcro panels already attached and its sections are connected by 360-degree hinges.

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