The Poison that kills Dreams

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From an article by Peggy McColl. Rcd by email.


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♫ Turn on your speakers! CLICK TO ADVANCE SLIDES From an article by Peggy McColl


"If someone put poison in your water… …would you drink it?" The obvious answer is “NO"! Chemical poisons that we can see, taste, touch, and smell can be fatal. Fortunately we are intelligent enough to know that we do not ingest poisonous substances… …but what about our mind? Repeatedly, people are poisoning their minds with negativity, and though we cannot see this negativity, it is just as fatal.


Negativity starts with negative thoughts. Negativity is the poison that kills dreams! And we need to stop it before it contaminates our lives.


If you find yourself thinking negative thoughts… …think again. Strive to think positive, empowering, and supportive thoughts. How do we eliminate this poison? Monitor the thoughts that you allow into your mind… ... every thought!


Just as you monitor your thoughts, monitor the words that you speak. Listen carefully to every word that is coming from your mouth. Watch for excusitis. Excusitis is a disease that causes people to constantly make excuses. When you hear yourself complaining, stop yourself immediately.


Create a vocabulary of a successful, positive, inspiring individual. Be passionate in your speech and express your enthusiasm with your words. The energy of the words that you speak is a powerful force that is creative.


There is so much to be positive about! You are so valuable and That should raise your self-esteem, and self-value!


Part of the process to shift your thought energy from negative to positive is to be grateful for the gifts in your life and to focus on what is great in every situation. Negativity is the anchor that holds you back. Cut yourself free today and be the most positive, optimistic person that you know! Be appreciative and show appreciation to others. Gratitude will attract to you more of the things that you desire.


If you've been negative about yourself in the past, turn over a new leaf in your life and become someone who is so positive that you'll be able to influence others' lives for the better. The power of praise and positiveness is contagious. So be a carrier! What was once your weakness can become your strength! SHARE THIS SLIDESHOW WITH YOUR FRIENDS!

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