Facts About LED Bulbs India

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FACTS ABOUT LED BULBS INDIA Read the facts about LED technology that will turn you from skeptics to that of a devout advocate.

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1. More Life than any Incandescent Bulb In comparison to the incandescent bulbs LEDs lasts about 25 times longer.

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2. Energy-efficient and Less Heat Emission The heat emission is 10 times less than any CFL that is why LED Bulbs India are energy-efficient.

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3. When turns ON and OFF LED Bulbs India have no effect of the On and Off cycle over the lifespan.

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One LED is equal to at least 5 CFLs and is more reliable and efficient. 4. Longer Life than CFLs

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LED turns On with a blink of an eye and attains 100 light output instantly whereas CFLs take comparatively longer duration to perform. Visit : http://www.pharoxglobal.com 4. Quick and 100 Output

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