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LED ceiling lights are a durable, energy efficient lighting solution which is an answer to the desire for range which enhances your space. While choosing the right product, some key points help you grab the best for your needs.


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LED CEILING LIGHTS: LIGHT UP YOUR HOME CREATIVELY AND EFFICIENTLY While the world was busy figuring out solutions to cut down their electricity bills the research based on statistics and user needs brought LED lightings to their rescue. Initially the introduction took time to surpass the conventional light source but with its energy saving facts it found its place in the market.

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Starting from where you begin your life lighting up a home creatively remains the priority. Amongst the never ending list of LED products available in the market today LED ceiling lights give you a freedom to customize your home as per your wish. While choosing appropriate products the following categorizations can help big time

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Room you are planning to illuminate: • For a place where more number of people gather go for dimmable lights. For example in a drawing room glare or string shadow should be eliminated. • A place like kitchen where every corner needs proper light for performing tasks LED ceiling lights used should be the ones with wide beam angle hence covering the larger area.

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• For highlighting specific areas narrow beam lights should be used. • Make sure you remember the effect you want for a specific place. Ambient lighting is more suitable for an area like dining table making it look more beautiful and functional. And for entries and stairs medium lighting can be used for a welcoming effect.

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• For a stress relieving bedroom you might want cool-light shades along with provisions for reading light and floor light as well. • A bathroom is a place where you need multiple lighting including the ones for mirror cleaning and to highlight its beauty.

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Placement of Lights: D o n’ t go for extreme corners of ceiling as it wastes light instead keeping them at a diagonal distance from the corners can help in effective illumination. Placing ceiling lights inside the diameter of a fan can give a flickering effect in the room interrupting the distribution of light in the room.

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Placement of lights: Instead of using two sources with 16W each it is better to use 4- 8W LE D’ s hence distributing the light effectively in the whole room. The more the height higher the wattage More powerful LED lights illuminate your space efficiently.

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