Perfect guide for buying the right LED Bulb


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Pharox LED bulbs come in different designs to cater to lighting needs of different spaces. Below are the factors that help you chose the right LED lights for home.


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PERFECT GUIDE FOR BUYING THE RIGHT LED BULB LED lighting products go through a variety of tests to prove fit to reach the customer. While brands like Pharox have a wide range of energy efficient long lasting and compact size products for every sector they ensure the standards are not kept at stake.

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Gone are the days of incandescent lamps where wattage had direct relation with brightness. For LE D ’ s watts a r en’ t a great predictor of brightness but the energy a bulb would draw. You might want to go for wattage as per your electricity need. Researches show that an 8-12W LED bulb emits equivalent brightness to a 60W incandescent. Watts

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Lumens Throwing light on the new term in the market Lumen is unit to measure the total amount of visible light that your lighting object produces. Which means the higher the lumens the brighter would be the output. Comparing it with an incandescent they draw up to five times as many watts for the same brightness or same lumens. So once you head for a product do n’ t just look at its wattage but lumens as well

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Beam Angle LED comes with a property of directional emission of light which enables a range of beam angles by different arrangements of small LED chips. Compact design of L E D ’ s makes their use easy with a possibility to control the light output and its spatial distribution with no efficiency loss. The variation in beam angles also makes them available for use in different applications.

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For example: Beam angles less than 30 are excellent for spotlights keeping light concentrated on small area. Whereas beam angles greater than 30 are ideal for high power LED lamps usually used for down lighting. They can be put on ceiling to illuminate an area in a room. Also lower beam angles are good for outdoor lighting and street lighting purposes with their property of lower electricity consumption. With the increasing curiosity amongst the youth about the new technology Pharox aims to provide customers with a range of solution based lightings. It makes sure you do n’ t have to do all the research on you own and they give you timely updates to help you a home you would fall in love all over again.

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Pharox LED Bulb Long Life: LED – 30000 to 50000 hours CFL – 8000 hours Incandescent light bulbs – less than 2000 hours. Efficient: LED gives highest lumens per watt consumed. LED lights use 80 less energy compared to traditional Incandescent lights. Reliable: LED do es n’ t degrade with vibrations and other environmental factors. Clean: It emits UV and infrared free Lights and helps environment. Also doe sn ’ t involve heavy metal in manufacturing. Pharox LED Bulbs India

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