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The Light Emitting Diodes (LED) lights are the most exclusive and beneficial advancement in the lighting world. These small yet strong lights are very efficient. If you are one of those who still don’t know anything about these lights then read this article to know their multiple advantages:


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ADVANTAGES OF LED LIGHTS Today most of the homes have started using LED tube light to save money. Even you can easily notice so many LED street lights on roads. So all in all these LED tube lights in India is a great hit.

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We all know that LED tube lights in India are very popular thanks to their topmost quality of being efficient. LED lights consume up to 90 less power than incandescent bulbs. These LED lights consume only a fraction of the energy of a glowing light bulb and it results into a noticeable decrease in power costs. Due to the low power consumption of LEDs these LED street lights are getting popular for light sources in rural places that choose solar sheets. Efficiency

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Long life The LED lights are known for their long lifespan of up to 60000 hrs compared to 1500 hrs for glowing bulbs. According to studies with the continuous use an LED light will last over seven years. Even on average LED bulbs stay for ten times as long as compact fluorescent bulbs and 133 times longer than regular incandescent bulbs. This quality makes these lights extremely popular.

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Durability These lights are tremendously durable. An LED light is a solid state lighting machine that uses semiconductor substance in place of a filament/neon gas. It is a small chip encapsulates in an epoxy resin enclosure that makes these lights far more stronger than conventional glowing light bulbs or fluorescent tubes. These lights are also capable to bear shock. And this is why many people have LED tube lights India in their home.

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Secure These lights come with an utmost safety feature. These lights produce no heat and that is why they are good to the touch and can be stayed on for hours without any incident if touched. These LED lights decrease the possibility of problems like burns and fires.

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Environment Colour These eco-friendly LED lights are designed from non toxic materials unlike many other lighting that utilizes mercury which is harmful to the nature. These lights come in a good range of colors like green red amber and blue. Even they can be merged together to create millions of great colour schemes.

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Suitable to Street Light Undoubtedly after reading these advantages you must be cleared about that why LED tube lights are popular in India. Use these lights to get these advantages of LED lights and cut down your expenses.

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