Capsules or Tablets Packaging With Desiccant Canister


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The distinguishing shape of the desiccant canister makes it simpler for customers to differentiate the canister from pharmaceutical capsules or tablets, thereby preventing any kind of accidental ingestion.


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We're Glad You Are Here Right Choice For Pharmaceutical Packaging For Regulated Markets

Importance of desiccant canister in pharmaceutical industry:

Importance of desiccant canister in pharmaceutical industry Extend Shelf Life & Efficacy of Products

What is desiccant canister?:

What is desiccant canister? Desiccating canisters are rigid and small containers, normally filled with silica or clay gel, both of which are highly renowned for their ability to absorb moisture .

Why desiccant canister?:

Why desiccant canister? When medicine are affected by moisture, their shelf life decrease. When medicine are affacted by moisture, their shelf life decrease. Desiccant canisters are really helpful in preventing moisture to enter a packed product. These desiccant packets are used worldwide in the pharmaceutical industry for bottles, tablets and blister packaging.

Application of canisters:

Application of canisters Pharmaceutical Product Packaging Nutraceutical Product Packaging Medical Diagnostic Kits

Pharmaceutical Product Packaging:

Pharmaceutical Product Packaging When products like pharmaceutical and vitamins are exposed to moisture, they risk becoming less effective or shortening their normal shelf life . Canister Helps to fights against moisture.

Nutra ceutical Product:

Nutra ceutical Product Nutraceutical derived from food sources that are purported to provide extra health benefits . Canister used for remove moisture content from the air.

Medical Diagnostic Kits :

Medical Diagnostic Kits Dianostic product that are suitable measuring tools for any hydraulic and pneumatic applicaion But this needs to Moisture and Rust free for productive result from the product.

Fills in desiccant canister:

Fills in desiccant canister Clay Desiccants Silica Gel Desiccants Molecular Sieves Activated Carbon

Advantage :

100% non-dusting ISO 9001 Certified Breathable at both ends No label to fall off or move Sonically welded ends for product integrity Tyvek ® ends- excellent gaseous transmission Advantage

Inside Desiccant Canisters:

Inside Desiccant Canisters Desiccant Canister are powerful cylindrical containers that are filled with a number of active agents, which are used in the pharmaceutical industry for the purpose of enhancing the shelf life of different medicines.


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