Ethical elephant sanctuary in Krabi

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Wild animals deserve their own space in nature without any fear. Ethical elephant sanctuary in Krabi offers the most intimate experience to the animal-lovers. The majestic creatures in the sanctuary reside with the freedom they deserve. No rides, no bullhooks, no forced interaction, and no bathing rules make this sanctuary unique and different from others. This elephant-friendly sanctuary promotes the well-being of the creatures rescued from miserable conditions.


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Don’t the wild animals deserve freedom and dwell in their natural habitat Probably a certain group of humans doesn’t realize that the wild animals deserve a natural habitat and don’t require human intervention. Remaining caged or chained the animals suffer from severe mental miseries. Apart from the mental miseries without proper attention care love and diet the health condition of the animals degrade and their lifespan reduces Feel excited to watch the majestic creatures living with freedom Have you ever visited a sanctuary or a zoo where the majestic animals- elephants are kept for human entertainment Don’t these majestic creatures deserve a better life at a natural habitat without cages chains or human intervention Is there any such place Yes There is one such place where the elephants dwell with freedom and get proper attention care love and all other necessities they deserve Safety security and well being of elephants is the priority Have you ever heard of Ethical elephant sanctuary in Krabi You will love to view the majestic creatures roaming around in natural habitat at the ethical elephant sanctuary. The dwellers at the sanctuary remain isolated from humans amid the best natural condition. Visiting the sanctuary you can create cherished

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memories and pass on the awareness of freedom of animals to your next generation. The sanctuary is elephant-friendly and the management has some restrictions for ensuring safety and security of the animals. The majestic animals at the Elephant park Phuket got rescued from cruel and exploitative conditions either from zoos or private owners. The gigantic creatures enjoy the freedom they deserve and the sanctuary doesn’t allow rides on elephants or forced interaction with the animals. The dwellers at the sanctuary enjoy their freedom in a friendly environment. The only sanctuary that promotes the well-being and protection of Asian elephants Phang Nga Elephant Park is a family-owned park that is promoting ethical elephant tourism which is an initiative to save the Asian elephants. The management and staffs are dedicated to abiding by the rules they are following for hundreds of years. The sanctuary promotes the education of animal welfare and aims to motivate the visitors to pass on the value to the next generation which will help to protect the wildlife from getting extinct Visit and plan for an exciting trip with your family Contact us: 49/1 Moo 3 Tambon Thung Kha Ngok Amphoe Mueang Phang-nga Chang Wat Phang-nga 82000 Thailand Landline No: + 66 8 5351 5536 Mobile No: +66 6 2212 2414 Email ID: Website:

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