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CONTENTS Introduction of the text Some new words Read the text - answer the following questions Write a short essay


Introduction Have you ever gone abroad? How is the life in USA? What special things in USA do you like most?

Some new words:

Some new words disadvantage n divide v divorced adj do overtime v dormitory n = dor m Employ v essential adj European adj


Answer F. Carol says Mike always watches television and Mike says Carol always watches television T. In Carol’s opinion. T. In Carol’s opinion. F. He doesn’t shout but he wants to. T. In Alison’s opinion

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F. He is very professional. F. She doesn’t want to tiny up after him as if she was his mother. F. She loses things, forgets things, leaves things in stupid places

Answer keys:

Answer keys Roberto Solano He came to the US 10 years ago because he wanted to be successful. He runs a soccer store He likes living in the US because “you can be what you want”. It’s difficult because he didn’t speak the language and it’s cold. He missed the sunshine, the food and his girlfriend.

Endre Boros:

Endre Boros He came to US 13 years ago because he’s offered an opportunity for 2 years. He’s a mathematician at university He likes the friendly people, the fact that there are many people from over the world, and the independence. He feels in control. He felt everything was so big.

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Yuet Tung She came to the US 8 years ago to study fine art. She works for a publisher. She likes the huge store, the space, the friendly people, and the international food. She hated driving

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They are all married, they like the United States and the friendly people. They have successful careers and work hard. They drive a lot. Yes Roberto No, Yuet Tung does not. Roberto and Endre Answer keys

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The independence, the opportunity to be in control of your own life and to do well in life. Roberto: Nothing directly, but he missed the sunshine, the food and his girlfriend. Endre: In Hungary, they only use the car at weekends. Yuet Tung: In Hongkong, everyone uses public transportation because it’s good and cheap. Yes The car is part of their life. Nobody walks.

Short essay:

Short essay Base on what you’ve learnt from the reading text . Write a short essay (at least 100 words) to introduce your country to the foreigners

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