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The Ultimate Fundraiser :

The Ultimate Fundraiser An Alternative to Traditional Fundraising

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Are you thinking about raising funds for your church or nonprofit but are tired of going back to the same people with coupon books, cookie dough, or some other item that they weren’t planning on buying?

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These are not bad ideas.  Many people have been ministered to by funds raised from these strategies over the years, but they are becoming less and less effective.

What If?:

What If? What if you could raise money for your ministry by giving something away for free that everyone wanted? What if the fundraising potential was unlimited? What if you could raise money by helping others save money on the things they were going to buy anyway?

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You may be wondering if the MyShoppingGenie can be that “ultimate fundraiser”. Well consider this: My Shopping Genie enables us to take advantage of several significant trends in the economy, such as changes in how goods and services are distributed and how the Internet is changing the world we live in. Churches, nonprofits, businesses and individuals can raise funds by giving away MyShoppingGenie ; and by doing so, they and the recipients of the software take advantage of these trends.

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